Britney Spears' Son Sean Federline

Britney Spears’ Son Sean Federline Bio, Who is 13, Parents Divorce & Growing Up

Sean Federline and his siblings were caught in the middle of his parents’ divorce battle, but 12 years later, Sean is enjoying a happy life with a loving father and spending meaningful time with his mother.

The famous youngster from California is most known around the world as Britney Spears’ eldest son, but he has already had a few TV appearances of his own, including a mini-series on his parents, Britney & Kevin: Chaotic, and a television documentary about his mother, I Am Britney Jean.

Continue reading to learn more about Britney Spears’ eldest kid, including his biography, age, birthdate, siblings, net worth, and current activities.

Sean Federline’s Bio Includes His Age and Birthday

Sean Preston Federline is the eldest son of music singer Britney Spears and her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, and was born on September 14, 2005, in Santa Monica, California.

Sean has a younger brother, Jayden Federline, as well as four half-siblings, Kori and Kaleb, from his father’s marriage to Shar Jackson, and Peyton and Jordan, from his marriage to Victoria Prince.

Sean’s Parents: How Did They Meet? Kevin Federline’s Marriage to Britney Spears: The Backstory

The scenario surrounding his parents’ wedding could only be characterized as a whirlwind of relationships breaking and blossoming. Britney and Kevin began dating shortly after Kevin’s long-term girlfriend and fiancΓ©e, Shar Jackson, broke up with him when she was still pregnant with his second child.

Even though people were criticizing Kevin for dating someone else when Shar was pregnant with his kid, he and Britney were engaged after only three months of dating-and married two months later.

Spears Family Swimming Together
Spears Family Swimming Together (source: The Biography)

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Sean and His Siblings are Living a Great Life Despite Family Drama as Heirs to a Massive Net worth

Despite his parents’ dispute, Sean and his siblings have a wonderful existence together. Kevin Federline is a wonderful father who has raised his children with love and care, even though he has been chastised for his relationship choices.

Sean and his siblings are also the heirs to Kevin’s enormous net worth of $ 6 million. But, more crucially, Sean is one of just two heirs to his mother’s staggering $ 215 million fortune.

Sean may have had his share of bad days as a result of his parents’ conflict when he was younger, but it now appears like things are getting back to normal for himβ€”as normal as Britney Spears’s son can get.


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Sean’s Reaction to His Parents’ Divorce and Its Aftermath!

Their marriage, however, plummeted as quickly as it had risen. Britney served Sean with divorce papers a few months after his younger brother was born. Then came one of the most acrimonious custody battles in history for their two minor children.

Britney and Kevin both requested full custody of Sean and Jayden in their divorce papers. Kevin was initially only given physical custody of the two children, but after Britney refused to give up her sons while under the influence of drugs, Kevin was given full physical and legal custody, with Britney having just visiting rights.

In an unexpected turn of events, Kevin’s brother, Christopher Federline, claimed that he, not Kevin, was Sean’s biological son. However, no one has made any additional comments on the subject.

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