Brandon Farris

Brandon Farris, Who Was Once Homeless, Now has a Family and Millions of Followers

Brandon Farris relocated to Los Angeles with no safety net and only his automobile. He was all by himself, broke, and homeless.

Farris, even at a terrible period in his life, didn’t let adversity disturb him. Four years later, he has over a million Instagram followers, over 3 million YouTube subscribers, and over 4 million Facebook followers.

How did the content creator’s life change? Here’s what we know so far!

Farris Was a Man Who Spent his Entire Life in his Car

Farris, who was born on June 5, 1991, relocated from Sacramento to Los Angeles in 2017, a week before turning 25. He was aware of his financial predicament, but he was determined to study cinema and theater in Los Angeles to become an actor.

Fortunately, his parents supported his ambitions and encouraged him to pursue his goals in life.

But when he moved to his dream city, he had no money, no contacts, and no place to live. Things didn’t look good, yet he clung to his automobile and persevered.

Brandon Farris man who Spent his Entire Life in his Car
Brandon Farris man who Spent his Entire Life in his Car (Source: Youtube)

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Farris posted a video named “I’m Gonna Make It! #1” on his YouTube page on his 25th birthday, describing his current position as well as his life aspirations.

He revealed in the same video that he was going to do vlogs – a lot of vlogs. Each one documented every step of his travel till he arrived. And he made it!

Farris is an internet celebrity with millions of followers just four years after the video.

His Life’s Ambition has Always Been to Amuse

Farris took carefully to conveying his aspirations and goals to his fans while chronicling his homeless journey. He stated in his debut video that his life ambition was to entertain the entire world. He aspires to be an actress.

His posts reflect the same sentiments about his desire to entertain the globe.

My ambition has always been to entertain the entire planet! My goal has always been to make people feel something! I want to make you happy, upset, puzzled, angry, or laugh until you cry!

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In an initial blog, he stated that he wanted people to feel emotions as a result of his actions.

His Girlfriend and Children, as well as his Family

Maria Gloria, an Instagram sensation who focuses on beauty, fashion, and family, is Farris’s girlfriend.

They originally met when they were both working at the Country Cafe in Alaska.

Farris was 22 years old at the time and did everything except cook at the diner. During her pregnancy, Gloria worked as a waitress (she was married to a man who was also named Brandon).

As coworkers, the two got along great and were close friends. When Gloria went to Maryland with her husband and children, she asked Brandon to look after her daughter, Autumn.

Gloria and her husband eventually divorced, and Gloria relocated to California with her daughter. Despite his difficulties in Los Angeles, Farris remained close to his family.

Gloria, being the kind of friend she was, took him in while he was in financial trouble.

Brandon Farris and his girlfriend
Brandon Farris and his girlfriend (Source: profvalue)

As a result, the two became even closer, and Farris asked his long-time friend to be his girlfriend.

They are now living as a family and raising Autumn together. In May 2021, they welcomed their first child, a son called Jameson Mercury Farris.

Millions of Hearts Have Found a Place to Call Home After Being Homeless

While the YouTuber hasn’t yet made it to the big screen or television, his amusing videos and sketches have won him millions of admirers across the world.

Farris has been quite persistent in revealing his problems and victories throughout the years. This could be one of the reasons for his rising fan base. Aside from his vlogs, his most popular video series are food challenges, 5-minute crafts, Google Translate, and Bob Ross paintings.

In an interview with ABC10, Farris quipped that eating spiders was the key to his success.

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