Batdad is Dating Someone New While Co-parenting With his ex-wife Jen Wilson

BatDad, actual name Blake Wilson, is an internet celebrity who rose to prominence with his amusing videos on the now-defunct Vine. He maintained his fame by making films on YouTube in which he impersonated the famous comic character Batman.

BatDad, on the other hand, is well-known for more than just his family-friendly comedic skits. The American content producer is also well-known for his endearing bond with his children, whom he shares with his ex-wife Jen Wilson.

Jen Wilson and Blake Wilson were Married for a Long Period

BatDad, the famed comedy video producer, and his now-ex-wife, Jen Wilson, were married for a long time. However, none of them had revealed where or when they exchanged their wedding vows.

They are known to have had four gorgeous children, three daughters named Taylor Wilson, Kaya Wilson, and Sienna Wilson, as well as a son named Ben Wilson.

Taylor Wilson, their first child, was born on December 21, 2004. Kaya Wilson was born about two and a half years later, on June 18, 2007. Similarly, on June 26, 2010, the now-divorced couple welcomed their twin children, Sienna, and Ben Wilson.

BatDad regarded his partner as a vital factor in his parenting. In an interview with PBS in March 2014, he remarked that the superpower of parenting children required both the father and the mother.

His family life appeared to be happy with his wife.

Almost every movie BatDad created and shared featured all of his family members. However, things don’t always go as planned, and the same thing happened in the YouTuber’s life.

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BatDad Has Returned To The Dating Scene

BatDad has moved on from his divorce and is now dating again.

In an Instagram post on March 10, 2021, he named his partner, revealing his relationship status. The post featured the comedian’s adopted mother cat, Lil Silly. He revealed in the caption that the cat produced six kittens nine months ago, of which he handed three to his ex-wife and three to his girlfriend.

Despite disclosing his marital status, BatDad did not reveal the identity of his girlfriend. However, based on the tone of the letter, it appears that his girlfriend is very close to his family, including his children.

BatDad Has Returned To The Dating Scene
BatDad Has Returned To The Dating Scene (Source: Today)

In early 2019, Blake Wilson and Jen Wilson Split

The popular content creator’s life was going swimmingly. He was making his followers happy by releasing funny videos and spending time with his family. But BatDad had no idea what time had in store for him.

The Wilsons divorced peacefully in early 2019, and they have kept the reason for their divorce a secret to this day. However, in a 2013 interview with TODAY, BatDad revealed that his ‘Batman’ character frequently irritated Jen and that he felt awful for her.

Because the declaration was given about six years after their divorce, it is impossible to say what caused the couple to split up.

Blake Wilson and his wife
Blake Wilson and his wife (Source:

The Parents of the Ex-children are Co-Parents

The custody of BatDad and Jen’s children was to be decided following the breakdown of their marriage.

According to the American Viner’s latest Instagram posts, he was given custody of his twin twins, Ben and Sienna Wilson, while Jen was given custody of his two kids, Taylor and Kaya Wilson.

Even though BatDad and Jen divorced, the ex-couple appears to have kept a friendly relationship to raise their children in an appropriate atmosphere.

Furthermore, following their divorce, a fan inquired if he and Jen were still dating. In response, he stated that they are no longer together but remain friends and are striving to be the world’s co-parenting champions.

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