Barry Weiss, The Star Of 'Storage Wars'

Barry Weiss, The Star Of ‘Storage Wars’ Was Previously Married And His Net Worth Has Been Revealed

Barry Weiss is a professional storage-treasure hunter best known for his appearance on the A&E hit series Storage Wars.

He has been an antique collector since the age of 15, and he was one of the show’s major buyers for the first four seasons.

‘Storage Wars’ Brought Him Fame

Weiss appeared as a buyer in the first four seasons of the reality show Storage War, beginning in 2010. He joined the show after the show’s executive producer and narrator, Thom Beers, suggested he do so.

Barry appeared in his spin-off series Barry’d Treasure in 2014, after leaving the original show. Before being canceled, the show aired for eight episodes. Barry appeared briefly in a new spinoff show titled Storage Wars: Barry Strikes Back in 2015.

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Barry Weiss The Star Of 'Storage Wars'
Barry Weiss The Star Of ‘Storage Wars’ (source: The Sun)

Weiss was interviewed by TMZ magazine in 2017. During the interview, he stated that he had returned to his old job as a “professional slacker.” He also expressed an interest in hosting a motorsports show that would take him around the world.

“I’d like to do like a motorsport show really. I’m really knowledgeable in all types. I’d really like to do that and travel the world, cause that’s what I like.”

He worked in the wholesale fruits and vegetable market for over 25 years before becoming a reality star. He and his brother Joey Weiss made their fortune by selling products all over the United States.

In 2019, I Was In A Serious Accident

In April 2019, the reality star and his friend were involved in a serious motorcycle accident after colliding with the back of a car. The car apparently pulled out of a parking space unexpectedly, causing the accident.

Weiss and his friend were both taken to a hospital in Los Angeles and admitted to the intensive care unit. Weiss broke his knee, elbow, and wrist bone.

Following his recovery, he appeared in a Dan & Laura Dotson video in February 2020. He will also appear as an original member in Storage Wars’ 13th season.

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Net Worth: Automobiles and a House

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the professional storage-treasure hunter has a net worth of $10 million. He made the majority of his money through his business ventures and the reality television show Storage Wars. Weiss reportedly made more than $10,000 per episode of the show.

His Los Angeles home is one of his most valuable assets. He also has a $500k collection of vintage cars, trucks, and bikes.

She Has Two Children and One Godson

The artist of The Storage War prefers to keep his personal life private.

It is known, however, that he was married and had a wife. He has not revealed anything about his wife or what happened to their relationship.

He has been divorced for over 35 years. Barry admitted to being single and available in a 2012 interview with Hollywoodlife. “I’ve probably been single for the last 28 years,” he said.

Weiss has two adult children: Jack, a son, and Julie, a daughter. He is also Oliver’s grandfather and Jesse James’ godfather.

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