Autumn Calabrese

Autumn Calabrese’s Age, Married, Husband, Family, and Other Important Facts

She was still able to do everything, even though she had a difficult divorce and was a single mother with a very busy schedule.

She didn’t let the stress of her job and having to raise her son alone keep her from achieving her goals.

Autumn Calabrese is a multi-talented person from the United States. It says she is a national-level bikini competitor, a fitness trainer, and a very busy mom on her bio.

There are over 210,000 people who follow her YouTube channel. Her most popular video has more than 300,000 views.

Here are some interesting wiki facts about the star fitness expert, like her age, family, husband, and more. You can read more about her on her Wikipedia page.

 Autumn Calabrese’s Wikipedia page: A Successful Fitness Trainer at the Age of 37

Autumn Calabrese, who is 37, is a certified personal trainer. She is best known for coming up with the 21-Day Fix diet. About a decade ago, Autumn began her journey to become more fit. Sick of being tired all the time, she began to pay more attention to her health and learn more about holistic healing.

She learned how to deal with a lot of different health problems, like allergies, anxiety, MTHFR, and more. Since then, she has been doing a lot of different workouts to stay in shape.

There have been other times when she has worked as a health expert for FOX 17. That’s not all: She’s also worked for big brands like Applegate, Seventh Generation, and more.

Besides these, the fitness guru, who is 37 years old, has also won a lot of bikini contests. A healthy cookbook called FIXATE was published by her. She had certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and the American Fitness Professionals and Associates, as well as other certifications.

If you want to see her extreme workouts, you can read about them in magazines like LA Parent, Daily Candy, and C Magazine, and on TV shows like Home and Family.

The Person Who Came Up With 80 Days Obsession Workout Program

Autumn also came up with the 80-Day Obsession, which is an 80-day workout plan for getting a beach body. It has a lot of success stories and is one of the most popular fitness programs in the United States.

Autumn talks about working out and her new job. At 5 Live on July 26, 2018, there were 80 Days of Obsession.

When 80 Day Obsession was made one year ago, August 1 was the date. In an Instagram post, she thanked the people who took part in the program for trying to be their best selves.

Autumn Calabrese 80 Days Obsession Workout Program
Autumn Calabrese 80 Days Obsession Workout Program (source: POPSUGAR)

Autumn Calabrese’s Background: Age, Dance, and Nutrition

September 23, 1980, was the day Autumn was born. She was born in Ohio. Autumn’s personal life is like a closed book. She hasn’t talked about her early years, and information about her family is hard to come by. To this day, her older sister, Callie, is the only person she has ever known to be her family.

The bio on Calie’s Instagram says that she’s a health coach who helps women get over their fears and doubts so they can be happier. Even though she isn’t as into exercise as her sister is, Autumn, she has a lot of fans on the internet.

A heartfelt message from Autumn to Calise was written for National Sister’s Day on August 2, 2018. In the post, Autumn called Calise a “beautiful” sister.

As a child, she had a lot of fun dancing. She began dancing when she was 14. If you look at wiki sites, she even went to a small liberal arts college to learn how to dance. But when she was a teenager, she hurt her back and her dance career came to an end.

After her dance career ended, she returned to school and graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She then learned how to cook vegan and vegetarian food.


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A lot of money at the age of 37

Autumn has a good job as a fitness trainer, so it’s safe to say that she makes a lot of money. Furthermore, her diet plan, the 21-Day Fix Diet, and the 80-Day Obsessions have had a lot of success, which has helped her make more money.

Also, she has worked with many high-profile celebrities and big brands through collaborations with magazines and TV shows. This has helped her earn even more money, making her even richer.

As of now, precise information about her net worth has not been made public by the media. As long as the light finally comes out on how much she makes, it could be in the millions.

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She was Married, But Now She Divorced From her Husband

Autumn Calabrese used to be married, but now she is single again. However, her marriage didn’t turn out as well as her career did, and they split up.

Even though she hasn’t talked about her previous marriage or her previous husband, she has a son named Dominic with her last husband.

Autumn wrote on her website that her ex-husband and she lived less than a mile apart even though they were divorced. He made sure he saw Dominic every day. However, when her baby father moved to San Diego because of work, she had to deal with all the stress.

Another thing she wrote on her website was about how hard it was to balance her job as a fitness trainer with being a single mother. Because she even said that she had to pay someone to look after her son.

Following his meeting with Ryan Scheckler on May 8, 2016, Autumn Calabrese talked about how much her son Dominic means to her. In this picture, Instagram has put it up

Autumn Calabrese, on the other hand, was able to get over her problems and is now a top fitness trainer and a proud mother. She talks about her son Dominic a lot on her social media sites. She tells everyone every story about her son, big or small.

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