Audrey Murdick and Her Husband

Audrey Murdick and Her Husband are Happily Married Following Jeff’s Divorce From His Ex-Wife

Audrey Murdick, an American nutritionist, did not have an easy road to the top.

She has transformed herself from an overweight shy teenage girl to a gorgeous diva-like fitness guru, and her journey to becoming a world-renowned nutritionist has become a point of reference for many. With so much success in her life, has she been able to equally balance her married life with her husband?

The California native is well-known all over the world as a certified nutritionist, bodybuilder, personal trainer, and actor.

Audrey has her own YouTube channel.

He has inspired many people all over the world to eat healthily and take care of their bodies.

Audrey is also well-known for her roles in films such as The Thieves Guild (2015), Jeff Dunham’s Minding the Monsters (2012), and the television series Incredible Edible America (2017).

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Audrey Murdick’s Brief Bio; Nutritionist Career

Audrey was born on August 29, 1980, in California, USA. Steve Murdick is her father, and Sally Murdick is her mother.

She was a chubby teen who influenced her to start eating healthy as a teenager. She tried a variety of weight-loss techniques without much success.

It wasn’t until she got into bodybuilding that she was able to achieve her goal of having a fitter and healthier body. Motivated by her change in physique and self-control over her body, she desired to assist others in achieving their dream of a fitter body and thus chose to pursue a career as a nutritionist.

He is now a well-known name in the entertainment industry, thanks to her expertise as a fitness trainer and nutritionist.

Audrey Murdick and Her Husband
Audrey Murdick and Her Husband (source: People)

Audrey Murdick’s Net Worth Is Well-Known

Her blossoming career as a nutritionist, personal trainer, and part-time actress has resulted in an enormous net worth for the former bodybuilder.

Audrey’s exact net worth is unknown to us, but she and her comedian husband, Jeff Dunham, reportedly have a combined net worth of $120 million.

Jeff is one of the most well-paid comedians in the United States.

Audrey Murdick’s Married Life With Jeff Dunham

Audrey Murdick has been married to famous US comedian Jeff Dunham since 2012. The couple began dating in 2009, following Dunham’s divorce from his ex-wife Paige Brown.

Audrey and Jeff’s relationship progressed to the next level when they got engaged in December 2011 after dating for two years.


The lovely couple took the final step in their relationship on October 12, 2012, when they married in Santa Ynez, California at The Sunstone Vineyards and Winery in front of 112 personal guests.

The couple has two children (twins), Jack Steven Dunham and James Jeffrey Dunham, who was born in October 2015, three years after their marriage.

Is Audrey content with her marriage and her husband, Jeff Dunham?

The lovely couple is happily married and has formed a special bond with each other, which has led to them embarking on a collaborative career path.

They are the creators of the popular food show Incredible Edible America, and Audrey has appeared in a few films with her husband, including Jeff Dunham: Minding the Monsters (2012).

While celebrities are frequently subjected to divorce rumors, the happy couple has never been accused of cheating on each other or having an extramarital affair.

This represents their love for each other, with both giving equal priority to their respective careers and families.

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