Ashley Darby

Ashley Darby and Her Husband Wait for their Divorce to be Finalized Before Deciding on the Future of their Wedding Vows

Ashley Darby shocked everyone in 2017 when she revealed that she and her husband had been living apart.

The loved-up pair, whose love was written all over social media and was frequently featured on Real Housewives of Potomac, came crashing down amid discussions regarding separation and divorce. One of her co-stars even called her a liar.

In 2013, the Maryland native made her television debut on TLC’s Say Yes To Dress. She has, however, recently become a household name as a result of her appearances on Bravo’s Real Housewives of Potomac (RHOP) since its start in 2015.

Season three of RHOP is nearing its end and has thrown a few shocks as it chronicles the journey of rich women for the third year in a row. As a result, Ashley’s relationship with the other cast members and her husband was chosen as the season three finale, which will air on August 19, 2018.

Ashley Darby was Raised by One-half of her Parents

Ashley was born on June 8, 1988, and being the eldest child in her family, she had to juggle multiple jobs while still helping her parents raise her sisters.

Despite her mother’s struggles to raise her and her brothers, she always tried to instill a cheerful attitude in her children, which Ashley values to this day. Her father was never seen by her, which made her childhood much more difficult.

To make ends meet, the University of Maryland alumna bartended throughout her university days. And it was during a shift at work that she was scouted for the Miss District of Columbia Pageant, which she won in 2011.

The Second Wedding of Ashley and Michael

When Ashley confessed that her marriage was falling apart, rumors about their divorce began to circulate. The pair appeared to be ending their four-year marriage, and it appeared as if Michael would shoulder the weight of a second divorce.

Michael and Ashley, on the other hand, did not go through a second divorce and instead decided to give their marriage another shot. And their love appears to have triumphed, as the couple has not stopped displaying their affection for one another after rescheduling their wedding.

Ashley, who seemed to have continuous arguments and resentment toward her husband a year ago, has discovered a new love for him, and the passionate pair are nearly inseparable. They are photographed together whether they are on vacation in Australia or attending a social event.

And their renewed connection was on show during the third season of RHOP, with Ashley revealing that despite their marriage not being what it was in the beginning, they are getting there.

Ashley Darby and Her Husband
Ashley Darby and Her Husband (source: Bravo TV)

Restaurant Oz Has Influenced Ashley’s Married Life

Ashley’s marriage not only provided her with a spouse but also provided her with opportunities for fame and money. Ashley was named as one of the housewives that would appear on Bravo’s RHOP, a reality show centered in Washington, DC.

She was one of the show’s initial cast members and had appeared in three seasons as of 2018, with the third season beginning on April 1, 2018.

The show not only depicted the family’s sweet moments, but also the differences the husband and wife experienced in their marriage.

Oz, the couple’s eatery, is managed jointly by the couple. The couple’s rumored breakup was primarily due to the restaurant, which was the first Aussie theme restaurant in the DC area.

Their turbulent relationship and fledgling marriage were on display for the duration of RHOP’s second season. When the housewives reunited in July 2017, Ashley stated that she had been living apart from her spouse for the previous three months, indicating the end of her marriage.

Ashley’s Husband Refuses to Meet Her Children’s Demands

Since her marriage, the diva has desired a child of her own, despite her husband’s reluctance to have children. Ashley, on the other hand, told the Daily Dish on July 11, 2018, that her husband was gradually warming to the notion of bringing children to the forefront.

However, on the 17th episode of RHOP, which aired on July 29, 2018, Ashley informed her mother that Michael was reconsidering having children because he believed Ashley would be an irresponsible mother like her mother.

Her mother was taken aback by the news and initially assumed Ashley was kidding. The talk, however, became serious after a few snide remarks on the air, and Ashley’s turbulent marriage began to crumble.

Ashley is a liar, according to co-star Karen Huger

The ladies might be seen reunited on the RHOP’s 18th episode before the big season finale on August 19th.

Ashley and the castmates were having some downtime when she mentioned how pleased she was to see Karen Huger’s wedding ring and her husband Ray.

Karen, in turn, was enraged by Ashley’s response and dubbed her a f****n liar, even threatening her not to talk about her. Ashley, she felt, was faking her feelings, and she characterized her as a liar.

With a few more episodes left in season three, it appears that fresh aspects of Ashley’s life will be on full display.

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Ashley Met Husband at a Party; Two Years Later, Wedding Bells Ring

After winning the contest, she began to make waves in the fashion sector, and it was at his lounge L2 that she met Australian real estate mogul Michael Darby. Despite a 29-year age difference, the couple’s romance took off right away.

Michael proposed to Ashley in 2012, and the attractive reality star said ‘Yes.’ Michael had two children from his previous marriage.

Ashley and Michael’s wedding bells rang two years after they became engaged. On May 15, 2014, the pair married in front of friends and family. The reality personality characterized the wedding weekend as “the happiest moment of her life.”

Ashley Darby With her husband
Ashley Darby With her husband (source: Reality Blurb)

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Ashley’s Husband Faces Sexual Assault Charges

Ashley’s husband, Michael, was charged with sexually abusing a cameraman in September 2018. The cameraman stated in the charging paperwork that they were recording the show on Pleasant Hill Drive in Potomac when Michael ‘grabbed and touched’ his buttocks.

When Michael turned around, he appeared to smile and give a flirty expression. The cameraman had also filed for a restraining order against Michael, citing another alleged attack in August 2018 when Michael allegedly kicked him in the buttocks while filming.

While the restraining order was denied, this was not Michael’s first time engaging in such behavior as a castmate. Gizelle Bryant voiced concerns about Michael’s sexual orientation after witnessing him’squeezing’ another housewife’s boyfriend’s behind.

Ashley, on the other hand, has defended her spouse, calling the incident “funny,” and posted a picture of her smiling partner to her Instagram account, writing, “No charges filed.” There was no arrest. No suspension for Bravo. We’ll keep you up to date.’

Because the network is taking the claims seriously, the production company for ‘The Real Housewives of Potomac’ has halted filming with Michael Darby.

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