Son Ye-Jin

Are Jung Hae-In And Son Ye-Jin Dating? Jung Did Not Deny The Rumour!

Rumors of Jung Hae-in and Son Ye-jin dating have been circulating since they starred in JTBC’s Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food. Both celebs have a great friendship, but are they dating?

Their enthralling on-screen chemistry sparked dating rumors

Being a part of the entertainment industry binds you to the opinions and judgments of others. This is something that the stars of Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food can surely identify with. The show’s lead couple is assumed to be dating by the media and fans throughout the world, even though neither has confirmed the dating rumors.

Hae-in and Ye-dating jin’s speculations began after they excelled in their roles and showed remarkable on-screen chemistry. This has led to rumors that the two actors are dating. Ye-jin clarified that she and her co-star are not dating, despite reports to the contrary. She added evasively and jokingly that she isn’t sure about the future, even if they aren’t dating right now.

We’re not dating right now. Though I’m not sure if we’ll date in the future. In 2018, Hae-in also spoke up about the chatter on the street and his relationship situation.

People had confronted the gorgeous actor about his dating status with his co-star, according to him. Furthermore, others advised him to be with her. Hae-in and Ye-jin, on the other hand, haven’t addressed the elephant in the room.

‘Why don’t you two date?’ remark the people around me. ‘If you two date, I’ll back you up.’ I’ve even discussed it with [Ye Jin] noona.

According to what the stars have said, they are in a platonic relationship.

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Hae-in stated that he is closer to Ye-jin than anyone else

Despite dismissing the dating allegations, Hae-in admits that he and his Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food co-star have a tight and cordial friendship. Growing a cordial friendship based on mutual appreciation and concern is a natural step when you spend a large amount of time with someone.

During filming, the two became closer. Hae-in admitted that he was first intimidated by Ye-jin because she was a veteran actress with more experience than him. Fortunately, he warmed up to her with time, and they are now at peace with each other.

[Son Ye-Jin] is no longer an intimidating senior actor who makes me feel uncomfortable around, but rather a close noona who is easy to talk to and listens to my opinions. I hope that a year from now, we’ll still be in touch and able to freely communicate with one another.

The relationship between the stars has only grown stronger over time. Ye-jin also sent Hae-in his best wishes for the latter’s next love film, Tune In For Love.

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