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Are Josh Cunningham And A’ja Wilson Still Dating?

Josh Cunningham and A’ja Wilson are both seasoned basketball players. They are both accomplished athletes who belong to the elite group. A’ja joined the Las Vegas Aces WNBA team in 2018, and she now plays for them. Josh also competes for the European club KK Borac Bonja Luka. He had previously played for the Southland Sharks.

The young athletes’ romance gained widespread attention once they began dating. But because they want to keep their relationships private, their admirers are unsure if they are still dating. So let’s find out in today’s piece if the couple is still together and how their relationship started.

High School Sweethearts

The couple first connected, according to Dayton Daily, when they were both fresh out of high school. The University of South Carolina was the institution they both visited. However, they chose to attend different universities. The girlfriend of Josh Cunningham pushed him to enroll at the same university. She later attended South Carolina University. Likewise, the boyfriend of A’ja Wilson attended Bradley University in Illinois. But soon after, he changed schools and enrolled at Ohio’s University of Dayton.

Josh Cunningham, A’ja Wilson’s Boyfriend

Josh Cunningham and A’ja Wilson have been dating continuously since they first met in 2017. Josh Cunningham and A’ja Wilson’s Instagram, used with permission. A’ja admitted in an interview that she contacted her current flame not only to contemplate the school but also to learn more about him. A few awkward moments resulted from the WNBA player’s admission that her partner is a man of few words.

The two remained in touch even though they attended different colleges. They occasionally messaged one another and discovered they have a lot in common. Evidently, they share the same birthday months. Josh’s birthday is on August 11, whilst A’ja’s is on August 8. The couple started dating in 2018 and have been together ever then.

They’re succeeding in their professional lives

A’ja and her partner both have successful careers. The pair also makes a good living. The University of Dayton graduate appears to have made a good living as an active athlete. According to Scottfujita, the average season wage for basketball players in Europe is between $500K and $800K. The athlete’s abilities, however, have a big impact on their income. So Aja Wilson’s boyfriend must make an income that is within the range given. Josh Cunningham’s net worth must therefore be substantial.

The devoted lover also advertises a number of clothing companies on Instagram. Therefore, those endorsement arrangements must likewise increase his income. Additionally, Jermaine D Morgan and A’ja Wilson’s boyfriend also maintain a YouTube account. However, since January 2021, they have not posted any videos.

The South Carolina graduate, on the other hand, reportedly inked a two-year, $398,422 contract with the Las Vegas Aces, according to Spotrac. The estimated average salary for Josh Cunningham’s girlfriend in 2022 is $196,267, with a cap hit of the same amount. She earned an average of $58,045 per season even during her rookie contract. Her money is certain to significantly rise now that she has a new arrangement.

The Las Vegas Ace player has a sizable social media fan base as well. She signed a hefty endorsement agreement with Mountain Dew as a result of her celebrity. The transactions will undoubtedly increase A’ja Wilson’s income. There is little doubt that the two are leading comfortable lifestyles given their efforts and income.

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Are They Still a Couple?

A’ja Wilson and Josh Cunningham are still in a committed relationship. Despite the fact that they both have demanding occupations, they are close. The pair, however, chooses to keep the specifics of their union private. The pair hasn’t shared any photos of themselves together on social media as a result. They both often post updates on Instagram that are exclusively about their work lives.

Regardless, the beautiful couple seemed to be getting along wonderfully. They manage long-distance relationships by Face Timing and sending numerous texts, according to Josh Cunningham’s girlfriend. The couple must therefore be spending quality time together without the needless attention of the public. However, we hope the pair has a strong relationship.

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