Arantxa Loizaga

Arantxa Loizaga Bio: Age, Husband, Parents

Arantxa Loizaga, a Mexican-born American journalist, is most known for her interviews with national and international political leaders.

Her one-on-one interview with President Barack Obama in the White House in 2013 made her famous in the journalism world.

Her remarkable work has earned her several accolades, as well as numerous award nominations and awards. She is the happy recipient of four Emmy trophies, an accomplishment few can claim.

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Arantxa’s Bio and Parents can be Found Here

Mexico is where Arantxa Loizaga was born. Every year on February 27th, she celebrates her birthday. However, the precise year of her birth has yet to be confirmed. According to Richard Parker’s article, A Laurel to Univision 41’s Arantxa Loizaga, which was published on February 27, 2013, her age at the time was 29.

She is of American ancestry but of Mexican descent. Aside from that, no information about her height has been released.

Loizaga, a media celebrity, has been a speaker for News 4 for more than a decade. Her work life is accessible to all, but when it comes to her personal life, she keeps the highest level of privacy.

She has, however, never shied away from expressing her love and affection for her parents. Her Instagram post from 2015 reveals that she has a close relationship with both her mother and father.

Similarly, she holds her father’s insightful remarks near to her heart. Don’t Worry, Get Busy is one of her father’s numerous pieces of wisdom that she has carried with her everywhere she has gone. She also has a sister with whom she has a close relationship.

Loizaga holds a degree in Mass Communication and Public Relations from the University of Nuestra Senora Del Lago.

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You Won’t Believe Arantxa Life’s Journalist Career Has spanned a Decade

Arantxa has had the good fortune to enjoy the successful life of a journalist. In 2007, she began her career as a journalist with Univision News. She has worked hard since then, overcoming all hurdles and problems with a humble yet proud attitude.

In 2013, Arantxa was invited to the White House for a conversation about current market events. She was the only Spanish-language reporter asked to discuss how budget cuts will impact the market, as well as the sole reporter from the Spanish-language station. Arantxa wasted no time in asking former President Obama questions about immigration, Obamacare in Texas, and the infrastructure initiative.

Her interview with former President George H.W. Bush remains one of her career highlights.

She has been in the journalism profession for almost a decade and has done outstanding work. Her contribution to the journalism industry has not gone unnoticed. She is still employed as a journalist for Univision News. She has dedicated her life to the journalistic industry. In exchange, she has gained a respectable career and has financially ensured herself a lovely existence.

Her pay, though, has not yet been disclosed. However, based on her work history and experience, she is certain to walk away with a large quantity of money.

Arantxa Loizaga as a Journalist
Arantxa Loizaga as a Journalist (Source: th. bing)

Discover Who Is the Only Eyewitness to the Arantxa Marriage

When it came to love and marriage, Arantxa took her time before deciding to settle down. She took her time, allowing her love to blossom before deciding to marry.

The Mexican native is married to her longtime partner Adam, a former Navy officer. They had a long-lasting friendship for roughly five years before their marriage.


Arantxa Loizaga and her husband
Arantxa Loizaga and her husband (Source: Newslockers)

Both of them work in professions that provide little room for personal life, thus the two lovebirds were forced to live far apart. Despite the distance and intricacy, they were able to keep their love going.

After years of friendship and pleasant partnerships, the couple secretly married on July 6, 2017, with only Arantxa’s sister as a witness.

Adam is now a retired Navy officer who lives happily with his now-wife, Arantxa.

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