April Bowlby

April Bowlby, Star of ‘Doom Patrol,’ is Finally Getting Over Her ‘Hot Dumb Girl’ Image

April Bowlby spent much of her early career playing characters who matched the ‘stupid hot girl’ stereotype.

Her characters, from Kandi in Two and a Half Men to Stacy Barrett in Drop Dead Diva, were not the brightest in terms of brain aptitude. She even portrayed Crazy Meg in How I Met Your Mother to kick things up a notch.

Her portrayal of such stereotypical personas came to a stop in 2019 when she joined Doom Patrol as Elasti-Woman.

Bowlby has appeared in several episodes of ‘Hot Dumb Girls’

Bowlby began her career in 2005, and her breakthrough came from the enormously successful sitcom Two and a Half Men. Her portrayal of Kandi in the drama cemented her image as a hot dumb girl.

Kandi is a sweet and innocent yet dimwitted young lady. According to the show’s fanbase page, she is a 22-year-old ‘dumbbell’ who guys like because of her appearance.

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In the hit show How I Met Your Mother, the California native played a similar character. Crazy Meg, her character, is characterized as insane and possessive.

Her other part that matches the criterion of a dumb girl is Stacy Barrett in Drop Dead Diva. Stacy is a far more lively and fleshed-out character than Kandi or Meg, although she is still dense.

April Bowlby
April Bowlby began her career in 2005 (Source: carifilms)

From “Hot Dumb Girl” to “Superhero,” she’s Come a Long Way

Unlike her previous roles, Bowlby was allowed to play a distinct character in the DC Universe. Rita Farr, a superhuman also known as Elasti-Woman, was cast as her character.

Rita is introduced in the program as a well-known egotistical actress. Her appearance gives her a lot of self-esteem. She does, however, have a deformity as a result of being exposed to harmful fumes.

She gains the power to expand and contract her body as a result of the exposure, earning the name Elasti-Woman (also known as Elasti-Girl).

Not only that, but her power allows her to rejuvenate her body.

Bowlby, who stands 5′ 7″, is the first actress to play DC Comics’ Elasti-Woman in a live-action rendition.

April Bowlby
April Bowlby, she’s come a long way(source: bestofcomicsbooks)

April Bowlby’s love Life Has Progressed as Well

Bowlby had previously been assumed to be unmarried. After being romantically linked with American musician Josh Groban in 2009, she kept her personal life private, allowing no one to know the status of her relationship.

That began to alter when she began dating American filmmaker Matthew Cooke.

Their names even appeared on a wedding registration.

According to the Registryfinder, they planned to marry on December 15, 2020. However, none of them has revealed any information regarding the wedding.

The couple has shared photos of themselves on social media, hinting at their growing connection. On Christmas Day 2020, they Instagrammed their images and wished their followers a Merry Christmas.

In April 2021, Bowlby uploaded her boyfriend’s skit, to which Cooke replied, “I love you Danka Derp.”

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