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Anne Burrell, Chef and Owner of a Lesbian Restaurant, Has Revealed Her Weight-Loss Secret

Anne Burrell, an American chef, made some people’s mouths drop with her dramatic weight reduction transformation, and she didn’t hold back when it came to disclosing the secret to her new healthy figure.

Burrell is well-known for co-hosting Worst Cooks in America and hosting Food Network’s Secrets of a Restaurant Chef.

She conducted an 11-day Food Network cruise through the Mediterranean and Atlantic onboard the new Celebrity Silhouette in late 2011.

Anne Burrell’s biography includes information on her age, height, childhood, and career

Anne W. Burrell was born on September 21, 1969, in Cazenovia, New York. She earned a bachelor’s degree in English and communication from Canisius College in Buffalo in 1991.

Anne attended the Culinary Institute of America a year after graduating and earned an Associate in Occupational Studies in 1996. She also attended the Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners in the Piedmont region.

The 48-year-old chef spent nine months working in various restaurants in Italy before returning to the United States as a sous chef at Felidia.

The restaurant was owned by Chef Lidia Bastianich, and the link aided her career.

Anne, who stands 5 feet 2 inches (1.5 meters) tall, became the chef of Savoy and Italian Wine Merchants.

In 2007, she was appointed executive chef at Centro Vinoteca in New York City. Anne left the restaurant in September 2008 due to her hectic schedule.

Anne opened her first restaurant, Phil & Anne’s Good Time Lounge in Brooklyn, in spring 2017, however, it closed in April 2018.

From waitressing to cooking show host, Anne Burrell has had a successful television career

Iron Chef Mario Batali asked Anne to be one of his sous chefs in 2005, alongside restaurateur Mark Ladner. During his stint on The Iron Chef America, Anne worked as his sous chef.

Her show, Secrets of a Restaurant Chef, premiered in June 2008, and she later starred on Food Network’s The Best Thing I Ever Ate in 2009.

Anne and Chef Beau MacMillan co-hosted the Food Network reality show Worst Cooks in America.

Anne won the show’s debut episode, which aired in January 2010, when her recruit, Rachel Coleman, defeated Beau’s recruit, Jenny Cross.

The second season was a little different since Chef Robert Irvine took over for Beau. Anne and Robert made a wager that Anne would lose her distinctive hair while Robert dyed his platinum. Fortunately for Anne, she was successful yet again with her recruit, Joshie Berger.

In 2011, Anne competed in the culinary program The Next Iron Chef, where she was removed in the sixth week and finished as the fourth runner-up.

From June 2012 until October 2013, she co-hosted the show Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell, which aired 36 episodes over three seasons.

Anne Burrell
Anne Burrell (Source: The Daily Meal)

Anne Burrell has a sizable fortune

According to sources, Anne Burrell has a net worth of $5 million as a result of her hard work in the food sector.

She made her money hosting the show Worst Cooks in America, which she hosted until the end of the series. Her restaurant, Phil & Anne’s Good Time Lounge, brought her a lot of money.

Anne’s series, Secrets of a Restaurant Chef and Chef Wanted with Anne Burrell, made her a lot of money. Anne worked harder than she could to get to this point and become a millionaire.

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Anne Burrell’s lesbian status is well-known

The Food Network star was often the focus of her sexual suspicions, and she frequently received LGBT comments. During a radio interview with Ted Allen in May 2012, Anne declared that she was an open lesbian.

And, while the media was busy making it appear as if Ted revealed Anne’s sexuality, she stated that she never concealed the fact. Even though Anne rarely spoke about her personal life, she was not at all shy to announce her long-term relationship with her boyfriend.

Anne Burrell’s chef lover, Koren Grieveson, has proposed to her

Anne publicly acknowledged her relationship with her future husband, Koren Grieveson, when Ted Allen revealed her not-so-secret sexuality.

After years of dating her girlfriend, Anne announced their engagement on Twitter on December 31, 2012, with great delight.

Anne had been on the road with her cooking programs for quite some time after the engagement, which meant she didn’t get to spend much time with her spouse.

But now that everything had calmed down, it was time to finalize the lesbian couple’s wedding plans. When asked about the site of the couple’s wedding, Anne told Radar Online that the destination was yet to be determined, but Puerto Rico had a particular place in their hearts.

Aside from that, Anne was ruthless in concealing her future marriage preparations with her prospective wife. The two are taking their time, and if they do marry, Anne will undoubtedly be the first to announce it.

Koren Grieveson, has proposed to her
Koren Grieveson has proposed to her (Source:

Anne Burrell’s Weight Loss in 2017 Was Surprising

In 2017, the Chef Wanted star wowed her followers with her weight loss makeover, which was more than obvious. Anne slanted to stay healthier as she took on the task of losing weight with healthy steps.

She discussed her weight-loss strategies with Life & Style, and the majority of them involved no exercise and simply changing the way she ate.

One of the most crucial commitments Anne made was to never skip breakfast to kickstart her metabolism.

Another crucial aspect was that she never went hungry and always had snacks with her, such as almonds or energy bars. There’s no telling where Anne’s desire for losing weight came from, but she’s doing better than ever, and the gourmet spirit is still alive and well in her.

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