Who is ANGRYPUG? Age, Ethnicity

ANGRYPUG, is an esteemed American content creator, Twitch Streamer and YouTuber. he mostly plays the game titled, Dead by Daylight.

Likewise, he has been a Twitch partner since June 2015.

Born on April 23, 1981, in New Jersey, USA, ANGRYPUG is currently 42 years old as of 2024. Likewise, his ethnic background is Caucasian.

ANGRYPUG: Bio, Real Name, Parents, Siblings, Education

Pug’s real name is Donald and his middle name is Thomas.

He maintains privacy regarding his family background, choosing not to disclose details about his parents, although it’s known he has a younger brother. Similarly, information regarding his educational history remains undisclosed.

As for the origin of his username, ANGRYPUG, it stems from his fondness for pugs. He adopted the moniker randomly while playing CoD, and it has persisted as his chosen alias to this day. ANGRYPUG values his privacy, opting to keep his personal life separate from his online persona.

YouTube and Twitch

ANGRYPUG initiated his carer doing odd jobs working in a pizzeria. Also, he was a manager at GameStop.

He started his journey on Twitch on May 26, 2014.

Renowned for his uploads featuring gameplay from titles like H1Z1, Dead by Daylight, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, among others, ANGRYPUG maintains an active presence on his Twitch channel, engaging his audience regularly. He has streamed over 211 games.

Despite having around 30,000 subscribers on YouTube and accumulating over 9.7 million views across his videos, ANGRYPUG’s main source of income appears to be Twitch, where his popularity shines brightest.

Having established his YouTube presence on November 5, 2014, ANGRYPUG initially uploaded his inaugural video, ‘Getting REKT,’ a month later in December, featuring a brief clip of Mario Go Kart that garnered over 2.2k views.

Consistently delivering gaming content, ANGRYPUG has since shared more than 450 videos on his channel by 2023, accumulating a total view count of over 9.7 million and reaching 30,000 subscribers.

Despite a recent decline in YouTube activity, ANGRYPUG continues to fare well financially. Estimations from Social Blade suggest his earnings range between $32 to $520 annually, influenced by factors such as total views, subscriber count, average view count, and ad revenue.

His most popular video, ‘TAIWAN #1,’ boasting over 4.5 million views, has generated approximately $8.5K, as reported by Influencer Marketing Hub. Additionally, two other videos, ‘Taiwan #1 – Great reaction H1Z1’ and ‘Taiwan #1 Red Army Edition,’ each surpassing a million views, have earned him around $2k individually.

Garnering a dedicated following of over 460,000 on Twitch alone, his popularity knows no bounds within the gaming community. Renowned for his captivating streams, ANGRYPUG engages his audience with a diverse array of games including H1Z1, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Dead by Daylight, The Quarry, Call of Duty: Warzone, and an extensive selection of others.

What is ANGRYPUG’s Twitch earnings? ANGRYPUG boasts a substantial following of over 463k on his Twitch channel.

Rough estimations from Influencer Marketing Hub suggest that, on average, each of his streams on Twitch generates upwards of $300.

It’s important to note that these estimations do not encompass additional revenue sources such as donations received during streams, which further contribute to his overall income.

Furthermore, streamers like ANGRYPUG also generate revenue through avenues like merchandise sales, sponsorships, monthly subscriptions, and various other means.

ANGRYPUG: Net Worth 2024

ANGRYPUG’s net worth in 2024 is primarily from his endeavours on YouTube and Twitch, estimated to be $1 million. Moreover, he also has his online merchandise of T-shirts, Hoddies, Sweatshirt, etc. on

Does ANGRYPUG have a partner? Relationship Status

When it comes to his personal life, ANGRYPUG maintains a reserved private life, choosing not to display many details.

Don, known for his privacy, keeps personal matters close to the chest, revealing little to the public eye.

He maintains a discreet stance and has refrained from sharing information regarding his romantic relationships.

While there may be speculation about his relationship status, ANGRYPUG has not confirmed any involvement with a partner, leaving his dating history shrouded in mystery. Thus, it is presumed that he is single presently, although there have been unverified rumours regarding his marital status.

Physical Attributes: Height, Weight

ANGRYPUG’s exact height and weight at this time. Nevertheless, he has diligently maintained his physique over the years.

Additionally, he has documented a significant weight loss journey, sharing his progress on Instagram with his followers.

With brown hair and captivating green eyes, ANGRYPUG has a healthy body type.

Social Media Presence: Instagram, Twitter

Maintaining an active presence on social media platforms, ANGRYPUG engages primarily on Twitter, where he interacts frequently with his audience. Additionally, he maintains an Instagram account.

His Twitter account boasts a substantial following of over 30k, while his Instagram account garners more than 1.9k followers.

However, ANGRYPUG’s presence is notably absent on platforms such as Facebook and TikTok.

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