Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch Are They Related?

Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch

You’re not alone if you’ve ever watched an SNL sketch starring Amy Poehler only to realize it’s Rachel Dratch.

The iconic comedies, frequent collaborators, and best friends have more in common than meets the eye.

It occasionally prompts social media users to wonder if Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch are related.

Some believe they are sisters. But are the two amusing ladies related?

Here, we set the record straight.

Rachel Dratch and Amy Poehler are not Related

Both Rachel Dratch and Amy Poehler are from Massachusetts. Rachel was born in Lexington on February 22, 1966, and Amy was born in Newton on September 16, 1971.

Rachel is Elaine Ruth Soloway’s and Paul Dratch’s daughter. Daniel Dratch, her brother, is a television producer and writer who has worked on shows such as Anger Management.

Amy and her brother, Greg Poehler, are Eileen and William Poehler’s, children. The comedian attributes her confidence to her mother, a feminist activist in the 1970s, and her father’s encouragement to break down social barriers.

It’s unknown if Amy and Rachel grew up in the same neighbourhood. However, the duo, along with Tina Fey, is currently the funniest group of besties in Hollywood.

They admitted to being part of the “SNL mommy support group.” Amy’s son, Abel, and Rachel’s son, Eli, are both around the same age and friends. Amy even jokes that their boys have the makings of a future comedy writing duo.

There is no evidence that Saturday Night Live member Amy and Rachel Dratch’s families are related. They are, however, #FriendshipGoals.

Rachel Dratch Made Amy Poehler Cry on Her Birthday

Amy Poehler is an Emmy award-winning actress and director who was featured in Mean Girls, Parks and Recreation. She directed the documentary Lucy and Daisy which premiered on Amazon Prime Video.

On Late Night with Seth Meyers talk show, she revealed that Rachel Dract made her cry on her 50th birthday. Also, Rachel made a quite funny cake for her.

Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch: A Friendship Beyond Blood

While not connected by blood, Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch share a bond that’s as strong as family. Their enduring friendship and professional partnership trace back to their shared experiences at Second City and “Saturday Night Live.”

From Stage to Screen: A Collaborative Journey

Witness the magic unfold as these comedic powerhouses join forces on stage and screen. With a plethora of collaborative projects under their belts, they seamlessly blend their talents, leaving audiences in stitches.

Showcasing Unmatched Chemistry

Experience the comedic genius of Poehler and Dratch as they bring their unparalleled chemistry to life. Whether in sketches or films, their dynamic performances never fail to entertain, solidifying their status as comedy legends.

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