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Victor Webster found his real-life Hallmark sequel with girlfriend Shantel VanSanten, which began as a Hallmark movie romance.

Shantel was Victor’s love interest in Hallmark’s movie Love Blossoms. She is best recognized for her role as Billy Butcher’s wife in Amazon’s The Boys. Victor and Shantel began dating after meeting on the set of the 2017 film and appear to be still going strong.

If Hallmark agrees to do so, audiences can expect another romance film from the now-real-life couple. As a pair, they’ve made numerous headlines, from their steamy make-out on a beach to major humanitarian work. With everything going on, the real-life love story of the Hallmark couple appears to be headed to wedding bells.

Victor and Shantel’s Love Blossomed On Set

Hallmark is known for producing gooey romantic comedies that everyone seems to enjoy. The on-screen couples in Hallmark movies set the bar high for real-life couples.

Hallmark does occasionally produce real-life romances that are similar to their on-screen counterparts. Consider Victor Webster’s relationship with Shantel VanSanten. The celebrity pair met on the set of Love Blossoms, a Hallmark movie released in 2017, and fell in love right away. They began dating throughout the film’s shooting.

Shantel had the role of Violet, a perfumer in the film. Violet is racing against the clock to complete her late father’s unfinished fragrance by Valentine’s Day. She employs an untrained botanist (Victor) with an unusual capacity to distinguish odors since she feels out of her depth.

They develop love feelings for each other as they work together to produce the perfume on time, but this jeopardizes the deadline. Returning to the couple’s real-life relationship, it has been three years since they initially fell in love and they appear to be still going strong. The couple even pays visits to one other’s parents and relatives, indicating that their love has progressed.

Victor compares his life to a Hallmark movie and prefers solitude

Fans aren’t the only ones who believe the debonaire not only personifies but also embodies the romantic roles he portrays on TV. So believes the performer himself. The hunk acknowledged this fact and described his experience in an interview with Media Village.

Since starring alongside Candice Cameron Bure in 2012’s Puppy Love, the actor has been a Hallmark name. He also dated leading ladies like Catherine Bell in Home for Christmas (2017), Jill Wagner in A Harvest Wedding (2017), and Shantel in Love Blossoms. That story does not require any further explanation.

In terms of comparing his life to classic films, the 47-year-old mentioned his role as Carter in the film Homegrown Christmas, in which he co-starred with Lori Loughlin. In the film, the actor portrays a mourning Romeo who is still clinging to Maddie, his true love. Maddie had left him, her family, and the entire town 17 years ago to start her own shoe business. When Maddie returns home for the holidays, she discovers that Carter is involved in her family’s furniture business.

The hunk defined his role as a small-town person who despised city life and found fulfillment in minor artistic endeavors.

In that way, he said he was very similar to Carter. He also expressed his desire to leave Los Angeles in the coming years and own a little cabin in the woods. Furthermore, The Mutant X star stated that he would prefer to have a “people to people” moment, something he believes is lacking in city life. He stated that he enjoyed having genuine talks and making genuine connections.

The Hallmark Couple Is Getting Serious – Is Matrimony On The Horizon?

The picture of the ideal couple getting hot on a Mexican beach originally made news in June 2018. The couple had taken a trip to Playa Del Carmen and Cancun, both in Mexico. They were spotted walking along the beach holding hands and sharing a hot kiss.

The couple then made headlines in August 2018 when they appeared together in a charity event for veterans called Homes 4 Families. The group assists low-income veteran families in transitioning to middle-class status by constructing durable homes and providing adequate finances to maintain a steady income.

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This is accomplished by cooperating with celebrities who not only donate money but also participate in the construction process. The actor and his girlfriend attended the 2nd annual Celebs4vets charity event together, unlike the majority of celebrities that attended.

Couples who appear together at charity and social events are usually a sign that something serious is brewing. The couple’s presence at social gatherings seems to imply this. The Hallmark couple celebrated another anniversary in 2019. Their combined efforts at the Lung Association’s ‘Climb for Covid’ fitness challenge raised $11,000.

Shantel’s grandmother died of lung cancer, something few people are aware of. This was revealed in an April Instagram post. She noted that there was a deep-seated suffering on the opposite side of her resolve and drive to support Lung Cancer victims, which she attempts to keep hidden from the public.

In the same post, she reported that her otherwise healthy, non-smoking grandma died of lung cancer at the age of 79. The announcement then evolved into a long, personal letter to her grandmother. She stated her suffering serves as a reminder of her everyday battle against lung cancer, which is a severe disease.

Given everything that’s going on between them, it’s not unreasonable to believe that the couple will make their relationship official — or, as we like to put it, a Hallmark event!

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