Tommy Clufetos

All You Need To Know About Tommy Clufetos Including His Bio, Wife, Family Musical Break, And More!

Tommy Clufetos has a long history in the rock community. Most casual rock fans are most familiar with him from his time spent with Black Sabbath. However, he is well known to die-hard rock fans.

Before he turned ten, Clufetos began a career as a drummer. And he’s still going strong; in the midst of the pandemic, he released a solo record.

He included a few members of his family in his solo endeavor because they have always played a significant role in his life. The record was made much more unique by the involvement of his father and daughter.

His father beat music into Tommy Clufetos (Kind Of)

As already noted, Clufetos developed a strong interest in music early on. Tommy Clufetos Sr., his father, is to credit for that.

He began playing the drums before most kids finished kindergarten. He was born on December 30, 1979, in Detroit, Michigan. When he was six years old, he received his first set of drumsticks. After that, his daily life consisted of juggling his music practice with his academic obligations. He attended Rochester Adams High School and played music whenever he could.

He joined his father’s band as soon as he became proficient. He continued to do this as he went through different stages of life and only got a few hours of sleep each night before going to school.

After a while, he relocated to Los Angeles, where he began his professional career while studying under Ted Nugent and Ozzy Osbourne. In actuality, though, his musical path began with the help of his father.

When asked what motivated him to pursue music in an interview with Relics Magazine in May 2021, he named his father and his family as his main sources of inspiration. He appropriately included him into his most recent solo endeavor.

Tommy’s RockTrip: Beat Up By Rock ‘N’ Roll, his debut solo album, was released in 2021. The song “Power of Three” can be found on the album.

The album’s most memorable song is this one. One explanation is that the song features his father playing the saxophone.

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The Life of Tommy Clufetos with His Wife and Daughter

June Grace, his daughter, is the second factor that makes “Power of Three” unique. At the song’s conclusion, the five-year-old, known as Junebug, contributes vocals; you can hear her pronouncing the alphabet as the music crescendos.

The song is appropriately titled “Power of Three” since it incorporates three generations of his family and pays gratitude to his family, her daughter, and having her.

In an interview with Joel Gausten in May 2021, Clufetos stated, “She loves the song; she’s proud of it.” “I wish she can have this gift and this little love nursery song that her dad created for her when she’s old,” I said.

The song “Make me Smile,” which is about his wife Casey Clufetos, is another one from the album that is devoted to a family member. He admitted to Misplaced Straws in May 2021 that the song was “tailor crafted for her.”

On the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, he first met his wife, with whom he eventually wed. You may need to listen to the song because that is what it is about in order to understand how that occurred.

He responded, “I’m not good at writing Valentine’s Day cards or getting amazing flowers or doing tiny romantic things,” when asked why he penned a song for her.

He said to Live Metal, “So I wrote her a seductive, bluesy rock tune to make up for that.” When she was angry with him, he allegedly used to play the song, and it always soothed her.

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