All You Need To Know About The Son Of Gil Gerard – Gib Gerard!

Gib Gerard

The actor Connie Sellecca and her ex-husband Gil Gerard are the parents of Gib Gerard, also known as Gilbert Vincent Gerard. He is also a producer and actor best recognized for his roles in Discarded, Currency Rising, and other films. 

While his father, Gil, is well-known for playing the main character in the television series Buck Rogers in the 25th century, his mother is a TV actress best known for films and shows including Flying High and Hotel.

Gib began his acting career by participating in a number of short films as well as a few minor and supporting roles in independent and holiday films. He has since changed, though, and is now a well-known TV host and podcaster.

Millions of viewers and listeners around the North American region and even further beyond often tune in to Gib’s show on life and health lessons. Learn whatever else there is to know about the individual. Become acquainted with information gleaned from his personal and professional life, as well as his family, wife, kids, net worth, and other factors.

Gib Gerard attended college and studied mathematics

On September 2, 1981, in Los Angeles, California, Gerard was born. Gil Gerard, an actor, and Connie Sellecca, his ex-wife, are the parents of a single kid. Gib’s mother’s side gives him an Italian heritage. His grandmother taught college courses, and his paternal grandfather worked in sales.

Gib Gerard, Connie Sellecca’s son, is also an actor who has appeared in movies including The Suit, Me Vs. You, Grace Like Rain, and The Wild Stallion. Gib has primarily appeared in holiday-themed television movies.

Gib attended the Harvard Westlake School in the past (1993 to 1999). In 2003, he received his degree from Colby College in Waterville, Maine. He graduated from Westmont College a year later with a B.S. in mathematics (theoretical).

He also attended Howard Fine and Tom Todoroff Institutes for his additional education. He is also skilled in voice, movement, and scene analysis.

His Father, Gil Gerard, was a TV star in the 1970s

Gil Gerard, who played Captain William “Buck” Rogers in the 1979–81 television series Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, is Gib’s father and an accomplished actor.

The Nice Guys, Mom Can I Keep Her, Airport ’77, Man on a Swing (1974), Gil Gerarad, Gib Gerarad’s father, is also well-known for these movies (2016).

In addition to some cameo and recurrent appearances in programs, Gib’s father has primarily worked on TV movies. In NBC’s The Doctors, he played Dr. Alan Stewart in his debut TV performance. He became well-known in the entertainment sector, nevertheless, thanks to the science fiction program Buck Rogers in the Twenty-First Century.

Megatronus, a character in the 2015 television series Transformers: Robots In Disguise, was also voiced by Gil Gerard.

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Connie Sellecca, Gib Gerard’s mother, is also an actress

Connie Sellecca, the mother of Gib, is an actress, producer, and former model. Her most well-known television appearances are on the shows Flying High, The Greatest American Hero, and Hotel.

Gil Gerard and Connie Sellecca, the parents of Gib Gerard, were married from 1979 to 1987. She is currently wed to John Tesh, host of Intelligence for Your Life.

Connie Sellecca, the mother of actor Gib Gerard, is also a producer and former model. Her most well-known television appearances are on the shows Flying High, The Greatest American Hero, and Hotel.

A Dangerous Affair, Hotel, PS I Luv U, The Wild Stallion, I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Klaus, and Captain America II: Death Too Soon are just a few of the famous movies and television shows in which Connie has appeared.

His parents spent eight years together

Gil and Connie, his parents, were wed from 1979 until 1987. Evidently, their union was a bittersweet one. Gib’s mother reportedly claimed that she had fallen for a man’s courting and whirlwind sentiments before realizing that she had been duped. Gil Gerard, her first spouse, was identified by her. Gil married another woman named Bobbie Leonard three days after his mother was granted a divorce. Nevertheless, he too parted ways with her in 1989.

In 1992, Connie married John Tesh, an Emmy-winning musician and host, following her divorce from Gil, Gib’s father. Their daughter, Prima Tesh, was born into their relationship about thirty years ago.

Gib The Half-Sister of Gerard Is A Fitness Instructor

Gerard has a half-sister named Prima Tesh through his mother’s marriage to her second husband, John. She dances, teaches exercise, and has influence. She periodically appears on the show Intelligence for Your Life with Gib, John, and Connie.

He has appeared in horror and holiday films

Gib In the 2009 direct-to-DVD release of The Wild Stallion, starring Miranda Cosgrove, Gerard made his acting debut. He co-stars in the movie with his mother, Connie Seccella, and plays the role of Ty.

For the following couple of years, Gerard made appearances in short films. Jeff was his first role in a short film, Me Vs You (2010). Later, Gib portrayed Adam in the short film Grace Like Rain. He also appeared in the 2011 films Currency Rising, The Suit, Reckoning, Massacre in the ‘Burbs, and Hack as Derek, Tyler, and Jake, respectively (2011, as Brian).

Deadly Daughter Switch (2020), a suspenseful thriller, and 13 Fanboy, a slasher film, are two of Gib Gerarad’s most recent productions (2021). His following movie, Love Accidentally, with Denise Richard and Brenda Song, is presently in post-production and is scheduled for release in the latter half of 2021.

Gib Gerard, Gil Gerard’s son, has primarily acted in short films and holiday movies. He is also well-known for being the host of the radio and TV program Intelligence For Your Life.

Gib Seccella, Connie Seccella’s son, played Jake Graham in God’s Country (2012), his second full-length film. After that, he played Matt Hamilton in All About Christmas Eve (2012). He appeared in a short film titled Technical Difficulties later that year.

In the 2013 holiday film A Little Christmas Business, Gib portrayed himself. Logan was later represented by John Tesh’s stepson in the 2013 thriller mystery Discarded. Gib then appeared as Edward in A Christmas Mystery, another holiday film. Then in 2015, he made an appearance in the slasher movie Desecrated directed by Rob Federici.

The Flight Before Christmas (2015) and A Christmas Reunion (2015), two holiday movies, followed (2015).

Deadly Daughter Switch (2020), a suspenseful thriller, and 13 Fanboy, another slasher film, are two of his most recent productions (2021). The late 2021 release date for Gib Gerard’s upcoming movie Love Accidentally, which stars Denise Richard and Brenda Song, is now being worked on in post-production.

The Other Works of Gib Gerard

Gib has executive produced and co-produced a few series and movies in addition to starring. In the television productions of his stepfather, John Tesh: Alive – Music And Dance (2008) and John Tesh: Songs And Stories From The Grand Piano (2010), he provided production assistance (2020).

He also produces Intelligence for Your Life, a popular television program that is still airing.

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