All You Need To Know About The Man Who Nearly Killed Three People To Avoid Debts – Youssef Khater!

Youssef Khater

The best con artists are charming, methodical, patient, attractive, and ultimately cruel, as Netflix has demonstrated in a number of engrossing documentaries. The stories of seemingly innocent housemates who turn out to be con artists, crooks, attempted murderers, and in the worst cases, serial murders, are chronicled in Netflix’s Worst Roommates Ever.

In the episode Marathon Man, Youssef Khater, a con artist who victimized victims in South America and Europe, is profiled. Strangely, Khater’s plans nearly led to his murder in a futile attempt to maintain his ideas. It also doesn’t seem like his victims received the punishment they deserved, despite the fact that the majority of his scams were exposed.

Youssef Khater was last seen in Denmark in 2018, therefore his current whereabouts are unclear

Youssef was detained in Chile after making an attempt to assassinate Callie Quinn. He denied punching Quinn at first, but then admitted to smacking her in the head. He claimed not to have any murderous intentions, nevertheless.

Nevertheless, a judge found him guilty of attempted murder and fraud and gave him a sentence of almost 600 days. He was deported from Chile to Denmark right away after being freed, where he was charged with five offenses.

For two of the five offenses, he was incarcerated for three months. Youssef, now a free man, traveled back to South America, choosing Costa Rica over his former haunt Chile in an effort to rekindle his villainy.

Youssef defrauded an American of $3,500 while using the alias Joseph Carter. It’s possible that he was unable or unable to break his habit. He then began dating a Canadian woman with the intention of coercing her into giving him money.

By the time he discovered Youssef’s identity, the Canadian woman had lost $19,000. He attempted to kill her with a pillow out of rage, but he released the grip just in time to save her.

Authorities looked into him but came to the conclusion that he had legitimately taken money out of the Canadian woman’s account because they were in a consensual relationship. Additionally, there was no incentive for Costa Rican authorities to look into a dispute between two foreigners.

Youssef then adopted the persona of Josef Maria and captivated a different woman that Texas Monthly could only identify by her initials, “AB.” According to the outlet’s investigation, Youssef joined a running group and took part in the 20th Marathon Costa Rica.

The last reported sighting of AD Khater occurred in Denmark in 2018. It is unknown where he is right now.

Due to fraud, Youssef Khater was expelled from the Danish military

Youssef Khater is a Lebanese-born Danish citizen. Before being expelled from the Danish military for fraud, he spent over ten years there. Because of his cunning tactics, Youssef’s family is said to have severed contact with him.

Youssef assumed the persona of a Palestinian marathon runner upon his exile. Youssef launched a campaign to raise money for a purported vacation to Dubai’s “sports city” in the late 2000s.

For the phony trip, more than 50 people gave thousands of dollars. When it was time to depart, Youssef came up with a plethora of justifications for why he couldn’t. He eventually stated that the money raised for him had all been destroyed by a fire at his house.

He was charged by the authorities with theft, forgery, embezzlement, and arson. He left Denmark, though, before going on trial for his alleged crimes. He persuaded the local Palestinian officials to provide funding for a trip to South America so he could participate in marathons while maintaining his identity as a Palestinian runner. He saved up enough cash to fly to Chile’s charming capital city of Santiago.

Carlos Medina and Carlos Krauss, who are part of the Federacion Palestina de Chile, a group that advocates for Palestinians in Chile, were drawn to Khater’s made-up dream. The chance to change people’s perceptions of Palestine was seen by Medina and Krauss.

They gave Youssef $8,000 to take part in the world’s longest race, a record-breaking 2653 miles around Chile. Youssef, however, asserted that due to a tear in his leg, medical professionals had recommended him to discontinue.

Khater was confirmed to have no muscle tears after an examination. Krauss and Medina were unable to contact Youssef because he had already moved on to his next con.

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Youssef attempted to escape paying debts by nearly killing three people

Youssef lived in a 12-bedroom mansion in Santiago with other expats. His housemates were captivated by his stories of bravery and tenacity in the Danish army. Youssef also feigned to have a golden heart by occasionally showing great kindness.

Immediately, Khater’s roommates had faith in the gregarious and alluring Palestinian. But it took some time for Callie Quinn, a Texan expat living there, to get to know Khater. In the end, Quinn’s need for warmth nearly resulted in her demise.

Youssef owed money to Sabine, a housemate who needed the money in order to travel to Ecuador. Khater also owed money to two people from Mexico who required it in order to come to Buenos Aires.

Khater created a nefarious plot to escape responsibility after being unable to raise the money. He revealed to Callie that he had bought a condo in Santiago’s downtown and was renting it out. Callie thrilled at the chance to live in a heated home because the winter in Chile was extremely chilly

Quinn met Youssef to pick up the keys after paying the security deposit and the first month’s rent for the home. Quinn would be there with her money at home, Khater informed Sabi. He didn’t want Quinn to go back to the house, though.

He took her to an empty building, where he suffocated her, then buried her beneath a foot of ash. Then Youssef went back home, saying Quinn had run off with the money. Quinn thankfully pulled her severely battered body back to the house.

Dominic Rayner, a British runner, was Youssef’s second target in his attempted murder. Dominic had given Youssef a loan of $38,000 to buy a house and $12,000 in sporting goods.

Youssef took Dominic to a hiking route and assaulted him when he tried to collect his money. Despite having a broken skull, Dominic managed to escape the onslaught. After reaching London, he reported Youssef to the British Met Police and Interpol.

To escape paying his debts, Youssef came dangerously close to killing Callie Quinn, Dominic Rayner, and his Canadian lover. We believe he has changed for the better.

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