Jerry Benson

All You Need To Know About The Distiller From Discovery’s “Moonshiners” – Jerry Benson!

Fans of the Discovery Channel show Moonshiners frequently wonder if a distiller is in trouble with the law when they go missing. However, supporters are worried because of Jerry Benson’s recent absence from season 11. Fans have been wondering what happened to Jerry on Moonshiners after Benson briefly appeared from the hospital.

One of the highlights of Moonshiners is the relationship between Benson and Mike Cockrell, and viewers are curious how Cockrell would run the business without Benson. There is also talk about whether Benson’s days of distilling are over. Here, we provide information regarding Benson’s absence.

Jerry Benson: Who Is He?

East Henderson High School graduate Jerry D. Benson lives in North Carolina. He is Mike Cockrell’s business partner in the moonshining operation that is the subject of Moonshiners on the Discovery Channel.

Cockrell, who has been a part of the program since season 7, came on shortly after Benson. Benson has developed as a moonshiner in his own right after closely collaborating with the Tennessee Shine Company partner.

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Children and Jerry Benson’s Relationship

Tonya Benson and Jerry Benson were previously wed. Courtney and Dawson Benson, their two children, are their children. With Tonya, they are both based in Hendersonville.

Since 2021, Jerry has been romantically involved with Keira Crane. With her two children from a previous relationship, Crane resides in Indiana. They seem to be managing to maintain their distant relationship.

How did Jerry Benson fare?

Jerry Benson’s absence in the most recent episode of Moonshiners season 11 stood out. When Benson called Cockrell from the hospital, the worries of the supporters escalated.

Social media users of Benson would remember that the shiner had published a number of updates from the hospital in September. His girlfriend Crane informed him that he need medical care due to unidentified problems with his blood pressure.

During Benson’s time in the hospital, Crane traveled from Indiana to North Carolina and returned. She also sent updates on his health, and it seems like he recovered quickly.


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Contrary to what some fans believe, Jerry Benson is still a cast member of Moonshiners. It is uncertain whether he will return this season.

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