Belkys Nerey

All You Need To Know About News Reporter Belkys Nerey Including Her Bio, Age, Fiance, Husband, Career, Family, And More!

Belkys Nerey is a pop culture aficionado, traveler, and foodie, according to her Twitter account. It’s no wonder that Belkys Nerey, who is still effervescent in her 50s, became a TV personality after growing up as a diehard TV lover.

She is a five-time Emmy Award winner who is best recognized for her long tenure as a newscaster and reporter on WSVN 7. She also has her cooking show, Bite With Belkys, on WSVN 7.

Bio, Age, Parents of Belkys Nerey

Belkys Nerey was born in Havana on July 16, 1967, to her father and mother Cary. She and her family grew up in Long Island and Miami. She is quite close to her parents, who are both over 80 years old, and frequently posts pictures of them on social media.

She was a varied child who took classes ranging from piano to ballet from an early age. She earned a bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism from Florida International University.

WSVN 7 News — Belkys Nerey’s Versatile Career

She has been a reporter for a South Florida cable station since 1994, when she operated as a one-woman army, shooting and editing her own stories. She earned a job as a general assignment reporter for the New Haven ABC affiliate WTNH-8 after two years.

She later moved on to work for Miami-based Fox News station WSVN-7, where she is still employed today. Her career success has been centered on WSVN-7 news. She covered big news, co-hosted WSVN-7’s entertainment section Deco Drive, and even had the opportunity to host her food show during her tenure there.

Belkys Nerey expresses her gratitude to the channel 7 family for winning the TEAM COVERAGE Emmy Award 2018 for their coverage of Hurricane Irma. (Image courtesy of Belkys Nerey on Instagram, 11 December 2018)

She currently anchors WSVN-7’s nightly newscasts and presents her cookery show, Bites with Belkys. Her twice-weekly two-minute cooking show has been running since 1999 and has now been extended to an hour and a half.

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On a romantic trip to Paris, Belkys Nerey said YES to her fiancé

When it comes to her love life, she has two attractive husbands: one, Craig Stevens, whom she jokingly refers to as her “work spouse” since they spend so much time together at work, and the other, Demetri Mouratis, whom she has been dating since 2013. Alison Mouratis is her husband’s daughter from a previous marriage.

In May of 2018, the 51-year-old beauty married her fiance Demetri, who works for Northern Trust Corporation as a Senior Vice President and Head of Infrastructure Engineering and Architecture.

After reporting Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding for WSVN 7, the lovely reporter went on a romantic excursion to Mouratis, Paris. And it was there that her fiance proposed to her!!!

At all functions and events, her fiance is by her side. Belkys also expressed her delight at being her husband’s plus one for the first time on an occasion where he was honored with the American Financial Technology Award in 2018.

With such a strong bond of love between them, it appears like the two will tie the knot soon!

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