Lesley Stahl

All You Need To Know About Lesley Stahl From 60 minutes Including Her Bio, Age, Marriage, Kids, And More!

After divorcing her first husband, American television journalist Lesley Stahl married for the second time and had a happy family.

After presenting CBS’s American television show for 60 minutes in 1991, the Massachusetts native came to fame. She has worked for CBS since 1972 and is well acknowledged for her contributions to journalism.

Lesley Stahl continues to work for CBS, interrogating authorities. She recently questioned President Donald Trump’s rash comments and harsh points of view.

She has also expressed her dissatisfaction and outrage over sexual harassment in the news industry, following CBS’s chief Jeff Fager’s arrest for the crime in September of this year. Notwithstanding anything, she has been engaged in the media and delivers news to the doorsteps of viewers, despite her advanced age.

Lesley Stahl’s Biography and Career

Louis Stahl and Dorothy Stahl are her parents. Her father, Louis Stahl, worked as a food executive, and her mother worked as a scriptwriter. Jeffrey Stahl, her younger brother, is her only sibling. Her younger brother and she grew up in Swampscott, Massachusetts.

When it comes to her work life, Stahl began her career as a producer and on-air reporter at Boston’s original Channel 5. When she was signed by CBS News in 1972, she had a breakthrough. In 1974, she even joined the news channel as a correspondent.

In 1991, she also became a co-editor of the television news show 60 Minutes. She also worked as an anchor for CBS’s investigative show 48 Hours Investigates.

Lesley has a net worth of $40 million as a result of her more than four decades of dedication to her job, which reflects the fact that she is given a nice wage.

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Leslie Stahl had two marriages

In terms of her private life, Lesley married Jeffery Gordan in 1964. Lesley and Jeffery, on the other hand, we’re unable to maintain their marriage and divorced in 1967. For Lesley’s reasons, a lot of information about why they split up has been kept out of the media.

After that, Lesley moved on with her life and married for the second time. Lesley married Aaron Latham, an American Journalist, and has an amazing love life story to tell about him.

Aaron Latham, Lesley’s Second Husband, Showers Bliss on Her

Lesley Stahl met Aaron Latham for the first time in August of 1973, when Aaron was researching Watergate tales for an article.
Aaron met Lesley for the first time over the phone, and she was not thrilled with Aaron phoning her at home. Lesley then slammed the phone down after requesting him to call her at work the other day.

But little did they know that, despite a bad first impression, they would wind up loving each other as they had never loved before.

After Aaron became the New York Times’ Watergate reporter and they both moved into the same apartment, the two became friends and began dining regularly. Lesley and Aaron began dating after realizing that their relationship was destined for more than friendship.

Lesley became pregnant shortly after their affair developed in the Christmas of 1976. Lesley married Aaron on February 17, 1977, since she didn’t want to give birth to her kid before marriage. Lesley later gave birth to their daughter, Taylor Latham.

Taylor Latham, Lesley’s daughter, is currently pursuing a career in business. Taylor founded Our Little Barrel, a luxury line of wine-themed clothes, in 2008, when she was 31 years old. Since her daughter took up her grandfather’s career in business, Lesley has been proud of her.

Aside from her work, Taylor is married to Andrew Majors, whom she met in 2001 when she recruited him as her assistant. Jordan Majors and Chloe Majoros are the couple’s children.

Returning to Lesley, she has been married to Aaron for nearly four decades. The married pair could not ask for anything better than a daughter who continues to make them proud. They follow the best model of mutual understanding between partners as an example.

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