Lenox Tillman

All You Need To Know About Lenox Tillman And The Story behind ‘It Is So Bad I Want to Give You a Zero’ TikTok Sound!

Lenox Tillman initially gained notoriety in 2021 when she participated in America’s Next Top Model. She is better renowned for a video of Tyra Banks grading her sexy concept challenge than for her performance in the competition, though.

Banks can be seen displaying her complete disgust after viewing Lenox’s embarrassing video before offering harsh remarks. Banks comments, “I want to give you a zero because it is that horrible.” I give you a one since that is not conceivable.

It is the lowest score awarded in the show’s history, and numerous variations of those words have circulated online. The most obvious example of this is when people lip-dub skits on TikTok and reflect on their poor life decisions.

Many well-known individuals, like Charli D’Amelio, Joe Jonas, Ashley Tisdale, and Noah Beck, made videos using it, making it a popular format on the video-sharing website. As they discuss some of their pasts, they can all be seen lip-syncing to the audio of Banks assessing Tillman’s performance.

While Jonas published a photo of himself looking high at Coachella, Charli D’Amelio displayed a photo of herself wearing transparent braces and black rubber bands. Similar posts were made by Tisdale and Beck, the latter of whom featured a poorly manipulated college soccer photo while the former displayed a picture of herself looking ill-dressed at a premiere.

It Is So Bad I Want to Give You a Zero

Tillman herself has shared numerous anecdotes regarding the audio in numerous TikTok videos as a result of it being widely disseminated online in various forms.

She lip-synced to Banks’ comments in one post while the video of her performance being judged played in the background, adhering to the aforementioned video structure. In another, she was frank about whether she would make any adjustments to the circumstance.

No, she didn’t think she would have made any different choices. “No, at least not for that scene. No.”

“I gave it my all. I need to be patient with myself. I was 19 years old, incredibly bashful, overwhelmed, and insecure. Tyra was upset because I was being rude, which is probably understandable.”

Tillman went on to discuss her uneasy performance, stating that she had not yet kissed anyone and that she had a difficult time during the “extremely sexual” video shoot.

She said, “I was pretty awkward doing stuff with males and it wasn’t really my thing.

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Lenox Tillman: Where Is He Now?

Tillman spent some time working with NEXT Model Management after her time on America’s Next Top Model. She has already ended her modeling career because it never really took off. She regularly posts on TikTok and is active there, frequently answering questions that users ask her.

She shared a brief video montage of her and her partner having fun while Barry Louis Polisar’s song “All I Want Is You” played in the background in August 2021.

Tillman has talked extensively about her time on reality TV, but she has kept her personal life under wraps.

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