Laura Govan

All You Need To Know About Laura Govan Including Her Lawsuits After Split With Ex-Fiancé!

Laura Govan, an American actress, was once on the verge of marrying. Gilbert Arenas, her former boyfriend, and baby daddy was her lover from 2002 to 2014. In 2008, the two became engaged. But, before they could marry, their romance fell apart, and they split up.

Govan became a mother during her 12-year relationship with Arenas. That is, she and her spouse welcomed four children into the world: two sons and two girls.

On December 24, 2005, Govan gave birth to his first child, a daughter named Isela Semaya Arenas. On March 16, 2007, she gave birth to her second child, a son called Alijah Amani Arenas, when she was 27 years old.

On December 9, 2009, she gave birth to her third and fourth children, a son and a daughter, respectively. Hamiley Penny Arenas is her second daughter, and Aloni Kianno Arenas is her second son.

Laura Govan’s divorce from her fiancé has sparked controversy

The couple became embroiled in controversy after Govan’s separation from her fiancé. Arenas were accused of infecting her with STDs, according to her. In 2016, an email in which she revealed the indictment was widely circulated. Arenas launched a defamation complaint against Govan, and the two had a tumultuous legal struggle.

In October 2016, it was determined that Govan sent the email on purpose. As a result, she was sentenced to pay Arenas $110,110 in mental suffering. Govan accused Arenas of sleeping with her sister after losing a struggle with her former lover turned partner for a few months.

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After Govan wrote on Instagram about her former fiance’s and sister’s relationships, the matter spiraled out of control. The possibility of STDs was also mentioned. As a result, her ex-fiance launched a slander suit in 2017. In December 2017, he withdrew from the case.

The New Boyfriend of Gilbert Arenas

Govan has moved on from the squabbles and has begun dating a new man. Though she kept his identity a secret, she revealed that he was Moroccan in an August 2018 interview with The Domenick Nati Show podcast.

I prefer them to be white. I now have a boyfriend… He’s Moroccan by birth, yet he’s white. He has a white demeanor and a white appearance. We just chuckle when I say things like, ‘Damn! you’re hella white.’ I’m content.

She addressed her followers’ questions regarding their age difference in a 2020 Instagram post. She admitted to calling her lover “daddy.” In response to those who questioned their age difference, she wrote,

Some people wonder if he’s my son… No, however, I do refer to him as Daddy on occasion.

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Laura Govan’s bio, parents, net worth

Laura Govan was born in 1979 in Oakland, California, United States of America. Her country of origin is the United States of America.

Her father is of African ancestry, and her mother was born in Mexico. As a result, the 41-year-old is of mixed ancestry. The American reality television star excelled at basketball in high school, earning a full-ride scholarship to New Mexico State University.

She received a Master’s degree in sports psychology and a B.A. in international business while she was there.

Govan, who stands at 6 feet 2 inches (1.88m), can be seen in commercials and reality shows. According to Celebrity Net Worth, she has a net worth of $200,000.

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