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All You Need To Know About Kevin Durant’s Girlfriend – Jasmine Shine!

You already know who won if you watched the Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Golden State Warriors game on Thursday. But what fans are most interested in learning is what transpired between Rihanna and Kevin Durant, a player with the Warriors. While some claim he considered her his ideal woman, others have heard whispers that they are at odds.

Fans have begun inquiring about Kevin Durant’s girlfriend, and if you’re looking for information, check out our Jasmine Shine page.

Jasmine Shine: who is she?

That is a valid query. Many people don’t know much about her, and questions concerning Jasmine Shine’s family and age lack definitive answers. But given how much attention Durant is receiving at the moment, many people are become increasingly interested in those who know him best.

Fans now know who Kevin Durant’s girlfriend is, but the issue is that she has done a great job of keeping her relationship with one of Golden State’s best players very hidden! Although there is frequently more information available, Durant is said to be dating someone in the entertainment sector. It’s almost astonishing how Jasmine Shine has managed to avoid detection while allegedly ghosting the Internet!

What is the Instagram for Jasmine Shine?

Another excellent query! Good luck if you want to peruse Jasmine Shine’s sexy photos! Basketball player’s girlfriend only has two internet images, which has drawn criticism from fans. It’s kind of odd that, despite being a rumored Instagram model, nobody can discover her account!

There are no social media traces and no reports of a Millennial dating a professional athlete. She and Durant obviously desire their privacy even if it’s unfamiliar area. In addition, not everyone desires everyday exposure of their private lives! If she had Instagram, we can only assume that she would be posting the typical trip photos that couples love to share.

Rihanna versus Kevin Durant

LeBron James’ slam dunks and Kevin Durant’s three-pointers weren’t the main attraction of the night as the Warriors defeated the Cavaliers 113-91. All eyes were on Rihanna and Durant throughout the game. According to reports, fans saw the Grammy-winning musician, who also happens to be a great LeBron James fan, gazing down and jeering Durant. Many people even saw Rihanna bow to James before getting yelled at by a spectator. (What did she do?

Does she realize to whom she is speaking? Rihanna continues to be the gold standard in the industry, having sold out albums and closing down red carpets. It comes as little surprise then that she took her sweet time getting comfortable and even dabbed at the woman before doing so. The game may have drawn crowds, but Rihanna kept them there. Although the “feud” between Rihanna and Durant was the night’s main attraction, he reportedly denied ever even looking at her!

Some of his earlier tweets indicate that he is either a major fan of her or at the very least a fan of her butt! Durant tweeted in September 2009 that he wants to bite her butt cheek! Is it feasible that viewers are simply creating drama that doesn’t exist? Maybe. However, neither Durant nor Rihanna are bothered by it.

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Is Durant getting paid less?

Kevin Durant has previously informed the public that he can’t guarantee his Warriors’ participation in the upcoming campaign. He even appears to be open to returning for less money to sweeten the deal. He inked a two-year, $27.0 million contract with the Warriors last year when he switched teams from the Thunder.

Early in May, he expressed his affection for the team and stated that he had no plans to quit. It’s all about winning, and by accepting less money, Durant frees up salary limit space for other players on the team. Cross your fingers!

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