Jimmy Riffle

All You Need To Know About Gator Boys’ Jimmy Riffle Including His Age, Girlfriend, Career, Net Worth, Marriage, Wife, Family, And More!

Jimmy Riffle, the famous alligator wrestler, has been dating his Gator Boys co-star for quite some time. They’ve gone through many ups and downs in their relationship, just like many of us have. Congratulations to the pair for keeping their romance strong and beautiful for so long.

Fearless and licensed alligator trapper, the Plantation, Florida native has experience with gators, snakes, and various species of turtles, bears, exotic birds, and big cats. He is most recognized for his role as Gator Boy on Animal Planet. He rescued several creatures, including gators, while working on the show and returned them to their native habitat.

According to Riffle, he motivates people to recognize, enjoy, and respect native species and ecology.

Jimmy Riffle Couldn’t Have Died At The Age Of 18! In his interviews, the fearless alligator savior frequently discusses his perilous confrontations with alligators. The worst, he claims, happened when he was 18 years old. He was bitten in the right thumb by a 9-foot alligator that clung to him for nearly 8 minutes. If his mentor Skeet hadn’t jumped in to save him, his right thumb would have been severed.

Jimmy Riffle’s Biography and Age

Riffle, who was born on August 10, 1968, went to South Plantation High School and began helping in Florida’s exotic forests at the age of 11. He learned how to treat animals with respect and control there. He eventually began volunteering at the Hollywood, Florida-based Alligator Zoo. Mike Johns(Skeet), his mentor, showed him how to manage natural nature with comfort and care. Jimmy, at the age of 18, followed in his footsteps and became the manager of the National Village.

Jimmy and his friend Paul Bedard later founded the Gator Boys Alligator Rescue organization in Florida. Later, the two joined to create the popular Animal Planet reality television series “Gator Boys,” which focused on their rescuing business’s everyday tasks.

Jimmy Riffle’s net worth

Jimmy Riffle became one of Florida’s most well-known alligator rescuers after five seasons of adrenaline rush on Gator Boys. His company, Gator Boys Alligator Rescue, gained its brand image as a result of the show. He now has a net worth of $1 million and runs the Old Florida Bar-B-Q business in his hometown of Florida.

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Longtime Partner of Jimmy Riffle

On Animal Planet, we’ve observed Jimmy and his coworker Sara Barber’s wonderful chemistry. They are not merely coworkers who share a common interest in saving alligators. They’ve been together for the previous seven years behind closed doors.

Sara, Jimmy’s partner, is also a native Floridian. She manages Gator Boys Alligator Rescue’s sales and occasionally appears in his YouTube videos alongside him.

Is Sara Barber, Jimmy Riffle’s employee, married?

Since March 2018, Jimmy and Sara have been engaged. When Jimmy proposed to Sara on the Belize trip in March 2018, he gave her a stunning engagement ring. He is fortunate to have a potential life partner who shares his interests and profession.

We’re waiting for the couple to announce their marriage because Jimmy has always been open about his love for Sara.

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