Joey Greco

All You Need To Know About ‘Cheaters’ Host Joey Greco Including Gay Rumors, Relationship Status, Bio, Career, Parents, And More!

In the 1990s, American television star Joey Greco was said to be married. Is his once-married status, though, enough to put the gay rumors to rest? Is he still married? Does he have a wife?

Discover the relationship status of the cheater’s host, as well as his married life, age, and net worth!

Relationship Status & Gay Rumors

It’s common for someone who isn’t open about his relationships with female partners to be labeled gay, and Joey was no exception. He didn’t make his relationship public.

Although the suspicions did not out to be true, it was a huge shock when it was revealed that he had previously married a woman named Eanna in 1995. Later, however, no information about his wife, Eanna Greco, or his married life surfaced. Because of his reclusive demeanor, it’s unclear whether the TV personality is married, dating, or content with his single status.

The lack of information about his personal life further adds to the sexual suspicions. However, deciding his sexuality based on inferences isn’t suitable unless Joey makes a statement about that element of his life.

Joey Greco’s Bio Age, Parents, and Education.

Greco was born Joel Stephen Greco on February 29, 1972, on Long Island, New York. He has kept his family and connections private, and little to no information about his parents has been disclosed. He was solely known to have grown up on Long Island, where he was born.

He earned his bachelor’s degree in psychology from Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri. Later, he earned a counseling degree from Louisiana Tech University.

His Net Worth & Career

Greco worked as a counselor for a few years following graduating. He transitioned from a fitness trainer to a real estate manager on a regular basis. He used to work at a seafood restaurant as a bartender.

Later, he worked as a fitness pro on ESPN’s Fitness Pros. The Long Island native got his big break when he took over as presenter of the TV show Cheaters from Tommy Habeeb. From 2002 through 2012, he served as the show’s host.

He performed in films such as Nightcrawlers and The Bottom Line- Tony and starred in the TV drama Ghostbreakers. According to Celebrity Net Worth, he has a net worth of $2 million as a result of his efforts.

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Stabbed in a ‘Cheaters’ Episode

Joey presented Cheaters, a reality TV show that followed couples whose partners were caught in the act of adultery or cheating. Many times, the cheaters have made a big deal about being publicly exposed in the media.

Greco, for example, was stabbed by an unfaithful boyfriend in 2003. The TV host and his crew had boarded the same boat as the unfaithful companion. Joey and the man had an agony while exposing the infidelity, and the latter stabbed his stomach. Greco was rushed to the ambulance as the cheater was apprehended, according to the show.

60 Minutes is a show that you might enjoy. At the age of 61, Liz Hayes is happy with her partner! Are You Making Provisions For Children? However, on November 3, 2003, Inside Edition revealed that the entire incident was faked. Joey, on the other hand, fought claims made on the show by investigative reporter Matt Meagher.

Greco was succeeded in the thirteenth season of Cheaters by Clark Gable III, the grandson of American actor Clark Gable, who had previously hosted the show for ten years.

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