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All You Need To Know About Brett Gray Including His Sexuality – Is He Gay?

Brett Gray is an American actor and musician who rose to prominence after starring in Netflix’s 2018 coming-of-age comedy On My Block. Gray is a rising star with a pleasant persona, so many people are naturally inquisitive about his personal life, but he has yet to exhibit signs of having a partner.

The young actor’s dating history, or lack thereof, has sparked speculation about his sexuality

Gray, on the other hand, isn’t gay. While the actor did not directly answer this, he suggested it by actively letting the world know he was looking for a relationship.

Why isn’t he in a committed relationship? As it turns out, things aren’t as simple as aggressively looking for a girlfriend for him.

Gray was actively seeking a female companion

Despite his lack of romantic relationships, the 24-year-old actor made it plain that he was eager to be featured in one of his tweets.

Gray seems to be looking for a relationship based on a tweet he sent on June 28, 2018. “Who has a crush coz I’m hella single,” the star stated in the tweet.

His tweet was inundated with comments from his fans and followers almost immediately after tweeted it. The majority of the comments were from girls proclaiming their availability to the actors looking for work. Some of the subsequent comments even admitted to having a crush on him and were actively looking to hook up with him.

That message didn’t seem to go anywhere, as the actor tweeted about his need for a relationship again six months later, on December 24, 2018. Gray tweeted, “I need a gf.” with two grimacing emojis to underscore the gravity of his situation.

His December tweet drew the same amount of attention as his June post, and several women expressed both eagerness and anger at not being able to be his ‘girlfriend.’

The actor revealed why he might be single in an interview

Gray, being the humble actor that he is, frequently meets with his fans one-on-one. Even though the actor was actively seeking a partner, he understands why he is single.

The actor had a one-on-one session with a fan on Instagram Live to address her questions. When a fan inquired about his love life, the actor stated flatly that he “does not have a love life” and instead has a work life. He went on to say that he was smitten with the ‘cheques.’

The actor then went on a rant about why he was single in a later live stream. He started by saying that girls say one thing but mean another right away.

“Girls say they want it, but then they meet individuals like me and realize they don’t because I’m sweet… I’m not going to dispute with you, nor will I curse you…
I’m going to buy something from you.”

“I’ve had girls come over to my place and say, ‘Oh you’re too tidy,'” Gray added, expressing his perplexity. What? Isn’t that what you’re looking for?”

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Modern-day dating turns Gray off

You’d think that because the On My Block star was looking for a partner, he’d be interested in what the game has to offer. But, contrary to popular belief, this does not appear to be the case.

The young actor despises the new dating culture that has become so popular in his generation. He despises the fact that people in modern dating aren’t upfront about their intentions.

Gray emphasized this point once more on his Twitter account. The actor handled the situation by going live on Instagram, which he then tweeted about.

In the post, the actor appeared to be going on a long rant about his dissatisfaction with the current dating game. The actor was particularly irritated by the modern dating game’s lack of intention. “Either we’re going to be cuddy buddies, and we’re both going to know that…and that’s cool,” the actor continued. There’s no problem with that.”

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While he did make it known that he was cool for other individuals in casual relationships, he wasn’t so fond of it.

“If I meet you and I like you, and we’ve been messaging every day…after about four to five days of that, I need to see you because that’s about time for a first date.”

Many of his followers welcomed his diatribe and even agreed with what he had to say.

As for the actor’s current relationship status? It seems that Gray meant it when he declared to his fan that he was in love with the cheques. After wrapping off the third season for On My Block, the actor is currently preoccupied with his music. His Instagram feed is full of photos of his latest tracks and the activity going behind those works.

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