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All You Need To Know About Ben Folds’ Wife Emma Sandall And His Previous Spouses!

Ben Folds has been married five times during the course of his life. The musician still maintains a wonderful relationship with his ex-wives despite the fact that four of his marriages ended in divorce.

Emma Sandall, a former dancer with the Royal Ballet, is Folds’ current wife. They got married before July 2020 and have been together at least since 2016. Folds has given the world very little information on his wife, and everything we do know about her comes from other sources.

He and Sandall had reportedly listed their property in Hudson, New York, for sale, according to a 2020 New York Times article. The property was initially bought by Folds and his wife for $1,181,740. The 8,700 square foot, three-story Victorian building was then renovated by the pair for close to $2 million.

The pair invested a lot of time and energy into the property during the restoration by creating artistic places for each of them. Regarding the structure, Folds remarked, “I seem to have a thing with long, rectangular, imaginative spaces. And this one got a lot of our effort.

With Nicole Vidor serving as the listing broker, Folds and his spouse listed the structure for $2.8 million.

Ben Folds keeps in touch with his ex-wives

Despite the fact that not much is known about Sandall, Folds has shared a lot of information about his past wives. He wed Anna Goodman, whom he referred to as his “oldest friend,” in his first marriage.

When they were both six years old, they met at an elementary school in North Carolina. Folds was motivated to start playing music by her as well.

Folds and Goodman got married in 1987 after spending more than ten years as friends.

“Anna and I had pressure to make a difference with our life. The action you had to take was to get married. My mother had me when she was just 20 years old, but it’s what you did. In a piece for The Sydney Morning Herald, he stated, “We were married from 1987 to 1992.

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After five years of marriage, the two decided to separate, although they are still close friends. In reality, Goodman and Ben Folds Five collaborated on a few songs for the band’s debut and second albums. Folds married Kate Rosen on December 14, 1996, four years after parting ways with Goodman. Sadly, the marriage only lasted a year before it was over.

The Australian performer Frally Hynes was the next to receive the “Zak and Sara” musician’s attention. On May 20, 1999, in Adelaide, South Australia, the couple exchanged vows.

Louis Francis and Gracie Scott Folds and Hynes welcomed twins in July 1999, just two months after getting married. In the aforementioned piece, Folds also discussed the challenges of juggling fatherhood with a musical career.

“At that time, I was a resident of Adelaide, and I frequently traveled to the US for performances to support my family. Although it was a terrible burden, the twins were a blessing.

2006 saw the dissolution of Hynes and Folds’ union. Since then, he has commended her for being the finest mother to their children and for doing a great job of maintaining the family unit.

Folds moved on with Fleur Stanbrook, whom he married on November 15, 2007, after his third marriage ended in divorce. The couple separated in 2011 without bearing any children together.

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