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All You Need To Know About Adam Berry From Kindred Spirits Including His Bio, Relationship Status, Gay Rumors, Net Worth, Career, And More!

With his ghost investigation initiatives, he’s making all the curious paranormal fans gay — Adam Berry is a paranormal investigator, actor, and cabaret singer from the United States. He is most known for TLC’s paranormal show Kindred Spirits and won Sydney’s competitive reality series Ghost Hunters Academy.

He is also active in music and theater, in addition to his paranormal encounters. Peregrine Theatre Ensemble is his executive director. He’s also a real estate agent who sells haunted houses to thrill-seekers.

Let’s go into Adam Berry’s wiki-like bio to learn more about him and his unique interest in the eerie world of the paranormal:

Adam Berry’s Wiki-Bio: As A Child, He Saw Ghostly Encounters

On March 9, 1983, the Muscle Shoals, Alabama native was born. He later attended college in Boston, Massachusetts, and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre from the Boston Conservatory.

When he was witness to a terrifying ghostly incident at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in 2006, the musical genius’s focus moved to the paranormal. He saw enormous white beings in a field and heard gunshots and people screaming.

He had ghostly encounters as a child as well, but witnessing the same thing as an adult sparked his interest. He observed a paranormal presence in the form of a ghost dog haunting his home when he was a child. The sound of the dog scratching on the wall was terrifying.

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Adam Berry’s Journey Into The Strange World Of The Extraordinary

He began his quest into the eerie world of the paranormal by forming the Province Town Paranormal Research Society (PPRS).

In 2010, Sydney’s competitive reality series Ghost Hunters Academy allowed him to put his investigative skills to the test. As a prize for winning the series, he was invited to join The Atlantic Paranormal Society crew.

In 2016, Adam became the executive producer of the TLC series Kindred Spirits. In Kindred Spirits, he starred with Amy Bruni, a paranormal force. Both co-stars in Kindred Spirits, who are dedicated to helping families, have an incredible ability to communicate with spirits in the afterlife.

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Adam Berry’s Estimated Net Worth

He earns a great salary and has a decent net worth as a host of a paranormal show, cabaret singer, executive director of a theatre company, and real estate agent. He is expected to make an average salary of $39,229 as the host and executive producer of the TLC show Kindred Spirits.

Meet Adam Berry’s Adorable Husband, who is openly gay

Adam Berry has been a proud and out homosexual guy for over a decade, and his husband, Ben Griessmeyer, is his rainbow in the gloomy realm of the paranormal. Since 2012, he has been blissfully married to his hubby Ben. His husband Ben is an artistic director at Peregrine Theatre Ensemble, so they’re not just partners in love but also work.

The couple freely embraced one other even though being gay was condemned as a felony decades ago. Since 2006, the cute couple has been dating and planning their future together.

There have never been any divorce rumors between the two after being married for six years and counting. Indeed, based on their chemistry and social media photos, it appears that forever is the apex of their relationship.

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