Age, Parents, Brother, and Girlfriend About The MLB Player Lars Nootbaar

Lars Nootbaar

Lars Nootbaar has been called up to the St. Louis Cardinals’ active roster after being selected in the 2018 MLB Draft. It was not a new experience for Lars Nootbaar’s family, but it was thrilling nonetheless.

The young rookie has drawn attention for his spectacular on-field abilities, mixed heritage, family legacy in USC baseball, and personal life. In this Lars Nootbaar wiki, we reveal more about the baseball player’s family and girlfriend for the Cardinal’s social media community.

Parents of Lars Nootbaar

Lars Taylor Tatsuji Nootbaar was born in El Segundo, California on September 8, 1997. He is the third child born to Charlie Nootbaar and Kumi Enokida Nootbaar.

Nigel, Nicole, and Lars’ father, Charlie, are Dutch, and their mother, Kumi, is Japanese, making them of Dutch-Japanese descent. Charlie Nootbaar and Kumi Enokida met at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, where Charlie minored in Japanese and Kumi were on exchange.

Charlie began his exchange program in Japan after Kumi returned to her home country. But his plans were thrown off when his host family canceled at the last minute. Unfazed, Charlie called the only person he knew in Japan, Kumi, and they “rekindled” their relationship where they had left off.

Lars and his siblings have demonstrated strong ties to their parents’ cultures despite growing up in California. The family even traced their ancestors’ names, discovering that Charlie’s family had German ancestors before the Nootbaars arrived in America.

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Siblings of Lars Nootbaar

Lars grew up with his older brother, Nigel, and older sister, Nicole. Nigel was born in 1993 in Tokyo, Japan.

The siblings grew up as rivals in sports that their parents encouraged them to participate in. Their family was described as “competitive.”

Nigel Nootbaar was a baseball player at USC before signing with the Baltimore Orioles in June 2014. He pitched in Orioles-affiliated minor league clubs until 2017, while also moonlighting as a baseball academy instructor. He is currently employed by a commercial insurance company.

Lars would also be a member of the USC Trojans. The school holds special meaning for the family because not only Nigel and Lars attend, but so did their grandparents before them. USC’s baseball office and hall of fame building are also named after their great-grandfather, Herbert V. Nootbaar, who was also a baseball player.

Lars was a football and baseball player who did not initially want to play collegiate baseball like Nigel. However, the high school quarterback did not receive a worthwhile football scholarship offer, so he chose baseball and the college where his brother was enrolled.

“Because I had a brother who went there, I felt like I knew the ins and outs a little bit,” Lars explained. “Just having the ability to ask him any questions was a huge benefit for me.”

Nicole Nootbaar, Nigel and Lars’ sister, works as an athletic trainer. She is currently the assistant athletic trainer at UC Davis.

Girlfriend of Lars Nootbaar

Lars Nootbaar has been dating Susana Kalish, who also attended El Segundo High School. Lars jokes on his personal Facebook page that they have been married since January 28, 2012, and January 29, 2012. Given that they were both born in the late 1990s, we’re sure they were far too young for marriage at the time.

Kalish graduated from UC Davis in 2020 with a BS in neurobiology, physiology, and behavior. At the Keck Graduate Institute, she is pursuing a pre-physician assistant certification.

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