Bokeem Woodbine is Back in Hollywood

After a 15-year slump, Bokeem Woodbine is Back in Hollywood with the help of Mahiely Woodbine

Some couples are truly meant to be together! Take a look at Bokeem Woodbine and Mahiely Woodbine, for example.

Bokeem Woodbine isn’t a well-known name. However, you may recognize him as the actor who appeared alongside Mark Whalberg in The Big Hit (1998), The Rock (1996), and Life with Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence (1999).

Despite starring alongside some of the industry’s top names in these and a dozen other films, Woodbine struggled to transcend beyond mediocrity.

The actor had a 15-year downturn during which his professional career impacted his financial and psychological well-being. Despite everything, his wife remained at his side. She not only kept him company, but she also provided him with enough encouragement and motivation to get him out of his funk.

Woodbine has stated that it was because of her backing that he was able to reclaim his place in Hollywood.

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In ‘Fargo’ Revitalized Career Bokeem Woodbine’s Stints

Woodbine got the call to audition for Fargo in 2014. He thought the call was a mistake because the movie usually concentrated on a midwestern setting. He had no idea what he was getting himself into! It was a chance that breathed new life into his stale career.

After a year, his once-dwindling popularity began to resurface. In an interview with Variety, the actor categorizes his acting experience as “everything before Fargo” and “everything after Fargo.”

Woodbine’s popularity in Hollywood has been restored thanks to the crime series, which landed him contracts for a slew of new projects. Following that role, the actor landed roles in films and television programs such as Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017), The Infamous (2016), and Snowfall (2017).

In 2018, he was assigned Unsolved- The Murders of Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G.

He also appears in the highly anticipated Halo 2021 series and the film Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

In 'Fargo' Revitalized Career Bokeem Woodbine's Stints
In ‘Fargo’ Revitalized Career Bokeem Woodbine’s Stints

Started Slump of Bokeem Woodbine Began in 2001

Woodbine began performing when he was 19 years old. Initially, the 47-year-old acted in Strapped (1993) and Juice as an extra (1992). Woodbine also appeared in films such as Crooklyn (1994), Dead Presidents (1995), and Panther (1995), to mention a few.

From 2001, though, his smooth-running career took a fairly ugly turn.

Even though Woodbine appeared in critically praised films such as Devil (2010), Riddick (2013), and The Host (2013), none of them contributed to his personal development.

Let’s just say that Woodbine’s acting roles did not provide him with the personal gratification he had hoped for, even though they paid the bills.

After a 15-year wait, he eventually won his breakthrough role as Mike Milligan in the smash 2014 crime series Fargo.

Started Slump of Bokeem Woodbine Began in 2001
Started Slump of Bokeem Woodbine Began in 2001

Mainly Woodbine inspired him to never give Up

During the decade-long decline, Woodbine’s constant companions were self-doubt and stress. Fortunately, he had one person in his life who stood above all of these problems: his wife, Mahiely Woodbine.

Despite her lack of industry knowledge, Mahiely had faith in Woodbine. So, when the Fargo star questioned his abilities and career choice, she demonstrated the opposite. She pushed him to believe in himself and encouraged him to do so.

Many people are unaware that Mahiely was the one who persuaded Woodbine to join Fargo.

She went to her sister’s place when he got the audition call, so Bokkem could focus on the audition preparation.

In 2012, Bokeem Woodbine and his wife Mahiely Woodbine attended the Los Angeles premiere of “Total Recall.”

Woodbine expresses his gratitude by praising his wife’s commitment to his life. In an interview with the host of the YouTube channel HOT 97 in 2018, he revealed that his wife stood by him during difficult times. He even revealed the most difficult period of his slump.

“To be in a weak position is very hard for me, to be weak, financially weak. My mind was weak. I was so frustrated. I couldn’t understand. I couldn’t get a job. They weren’t hiring, brother!”

Being in a weak situation, monetarily weak, is extremely difficult for me. My mental faculties were frail. I was quite irritated. I couldn’t figure out what was going on. I couldn’t find work. Brother, they weren’t hiring!

Then Woodbine admitted that he lacked the drive to continue. He only kept going because his wife, Mahiely, persuaded him that if he didn’t give up, he would arrive at his target.

“I couldn’t get no traction. You can get nowhere. And my woman, at the the bleakest of time… I was at zero. I had no chi. I couldn’t find the motivation to keep going. And, it was my woman who said ‘one day they are going to find who you are!”

Woodbine is gently but steadily carving out a new phase in his career with the help of his wife.

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