After xQc Released A Streamer Tier List, Asmongold Has Hit Back At Him!

A well-known Canadian Twitch streamer is Félix “xQc” Lengyel. With 10.8 million followers as of this writing, he is the most popular streamer on Twitch. He won the prize for the streamer with the most viewers in 2020 and 2021.

In a recent Twitch live, xQc produced his own streamer tier ranking after rating a number of Twitch streamers. It’s interesting that he ranked himself first. As “the best,” he claimed, he deserved to be at the top of the list.

Over 50 YouTube and Twitch streamers were included in the Tier List. They were arranged in four groups, with tier “D” at the bottom and tier “F-The Face Of Twitch” at the top. Summit1g, Asmongold, and loltyler1 joined xQc on the F tier. In his chat, the rating inevitably stirred discussion.

Response from Asmongold to xQc’s Ranking

Even though Asmongold was at the top of the list, he disapproved of the xQc ranking streamers because it was unfair. Although the streamer believed that xQc’s rating was fair, issues developed when app users went into streamers’ conversations and informed them of the rating and chastised them for placing poorly.

He explained that situations like this provided justification for individuals to detest someone or harbor nasty intentions. For instance, if you dislike Greek and xQc gave him a C or D, this is xQc’s assessment based solely on his personal opinion. However, a lot of people dislike Greek, so they take it and walk over to his stream to slam him. And that’s not good,” Asmongold remarked.

He pointed out that the audience members who exploited the list to propagate negativity and hatred, not the streamer’s rating, were the issue. The streamer continued by saying that since it would be simple to rank the view count, watch hours, and subscriber count, he would not object to the ranking being objective.

However, the rankings grew less fair and gave rise to hate campaigns when they became subjective and people began adding their presumptions and biases.

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Asmongold fails to make the list of notable people

In another live show, the Twitch streamer discussed his ideas for creating a list of his coworkers in order of attractiveness. He admitted that due to the potential consequences, he never appeared on the popular Twitch handsome lists.

I can only imagine if you’re a girl with body issues like every other girl who spends any time online and you see a popular streamer like me, xQc, Hasan, Sodapoppin, Ludwig, and Mizkif, and everyone in the chat is like, “Oh, she’s ugly, rate her a C or a D,” I can guarantee you’re not going to be able to take that on the chin.

Tier lists were “a nasty thing to do,” he concluded, adding that the outcomes might be harsh and hurtful. It seems unlikely that Asmongold would publish a tier list very soon for the streamers and their viewers.

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