Gregory Jbara

After Losing Weight, Gregory Jbara was Finally Able to Fly with His Son

Gregory Jbara, the Blue Bloods actor, was once denied boarding a plane due to his weight.

However, the situation is unlikely to reoccur because the actor has lost a significant amount of weight.

Learn the complete account of the incident as well as his weight loss efforts.

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Gregory Jbara Was Refused Boarding a Plane

Zachary, the eldest son of the American film actor, is a qualified pilot.

As a birthday present, Zachary invited Greg to fly with him during his test flight session. The father-son team traveled to California’s Santa Monico Airport with other family members.

However, the actor was not permitted to board the plane. His son’s instructor, Nick, urged him not to join the plane because it was a small four-seater with a big engine and full gasoline.

The airplane was completely loaded, and they didn’t want anything to go south.

So, at the suggestion of the instructor, the Detriot native stayed at the base and assisted his son from the ground.

Gregory Jbara with his family
Gregory Jbara with his family (source: gregoryjbara)

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Gregory Jbara Is Overjoyed With His Weight Loss

Jbara is pleased to have been able to lose a significant quantity of fat from his physique. The brilliant Broadway performer even took to social media to share his joy at finally reaching his weight loss goal.

I am delighted to say that as of my 58th birthday, I had lost nearly 80 pounds, and my wife Julie had shed 41 pounds (though she didn’t have to)…

I am currently feeling better than I have in over a decade.

Furthermore, he said that his weight loss has enabled him to fly with his pilot son. In a February 2019 Twitter post regarding his weight loss, he wrote: “One of the advantages of my oldest son Zachary and me dropping more than 120 pounds together? Dad will be able to fly with his pilot student son and teacher once more!”

Gregory Jbara Began Losing Weight After Marin Mazzie’s Death

Jbara documented his weight loss efforts in an October 2019 Facebook post.

In the article, he acknowledged being 268 pounds (121 kgs) in early 2018. He frequently brought up the subject of his weight. His classmates and well-wishers could not help but counsel him to lose weight.

Following the death of American actress Marin Mazzie, the Outer Critics Circle Award-winner was finally determined to lose weight. He had followed Marin and her spouse as an avid supporter as they battled Marin’s cancer.


However, her passing made Gregory recognize the value of life. He saw how health difficulties could turn fatal at any time, breaking the hearts of one’s family and well-wishers.

The Blue Bloods actor realized that taking care of his health was a method of expressing self-love. So, on September 28, 2018, he embarked on the “Lose 57 Pounds on my 57th Birthday” diet, with the assistance of a nutritionist, Lilly Padilla.

The stage artist eventually achieved their objective, reducing 80 kgs by their 58th birthday, thanks to their commitment and a proper diet (2019). Jbara slimmed down to 185 pounds (85kgs).

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