Tomica Wright

After Her Husband Eazy-E Died of AIDS, Tomica Wright’s wiki Revealed Her Dating Status and Net Wealth

Tomica Wright, an American movie producer, rose to prominence as the wife of Eric Lynn Wright, a.k.a. Eazy-E, a late famous American rapper. Following his death, she was saddled with a slew of new duties.

She did everything on her own, including operating the farm and raising a family. Despite the challenges, she remained strong and proved herself to be a boss lady!

Wright’s birthday, husband’s death, children, and net worth are all covered in the following wiki.

Wright’s Wiki Biography

Wright was born Tomica Woods in Los Angeles, California, in 1969. Every year on December 7th, she celebrates her birthday. She was raised by her divorced parents. As a result, she spent time with her mother in one location, her father in another, and occasionally in a foster home.

San Fernando Valley was where she finished her high school studies.

She attended Santa Monica College after finishing high school and eventually transferred to West Los Angeles College.

She Married When She was 26 Years Old

Wright first met Eric Lynn Wright (Eazy-E), an American rapper, in a Los Angeles bar in 1991. They began dating after a brief friendship. Eazy-E already had five children from his five separate partnerships at the time.

Wright’s various previous relationships, on the other hand, did not detract from his overall impression. She continued to date him. Not only that, but in 1994, she gave birth to Dominick Wright, better known as Lil Eazy. She also gave birth to their daughter, Daijah Wright.

She married a famous rapper at the age of 26 while pregnant. They had been dating for four years before marrying on March 14, 1995.

Tomica Wright's wiki Revealed Her Dating Status
Tomica Wright’s wiki Revealed Her Dating Status (source: News and Gossips)

Husband Passed Away as a Result of Aids-Related Complications

When Eazy-E was still in the hospital owing to health issues, the businesswoman tied the wedding knots with him. Her boyfriend was diagnosed with AIDS a month before the wedding, in late February, after being taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for a severe cough. From there, his health continued to deteriorate.

Despite his health problems, Wright and Eazy-E married in the intensive care unit. On March 26, 1995, twelve days after their wedding, her spouse died of AIDs-related pneumonia.

On April 7, 1995, Wright’s companion was interred in a gold casket at Rose Hills Memorial Park. She gave birth to her daughter, Daijah Wright, six months after her husband died.

E.B. Wright, her stepdaughter, crowdfunded Ruthless Scandal: No More Lies, a documentary film about her father’s death in 2016.

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Wright has Filed a Legal Action Against her Stepson

Eazy-widow, E’s Wright, took over his firm, Ruthless Records, and became its CEO after her husband’s death.

She had previously worked for musical labels such as Tabu Records and Motown, so she knew what it was like to manage a label.

Many people accused her of marrying Eazy-E on his deathbed to inherit his company, and she married backlash for it.

Despite the criticisms, Wright forged forward and accepted the challenge of growing the record business in her late husband’s honor. Within two years, her astute business methods had advanced the company’s distribution partnerships.

In August 2017, Wright, as the company’s CEO, filed a lawsuit against her stepson, Eric Darnell, a singer, and HIV campaigner. He and his associates, she alleged, were profiting from the company’s name on their website,

However, the two settled their lawsuit in 2018, with Eazy’s kid agreeing to a condition in the deal prohibiting him from using the names “Straight Outta Compton,” “N.W.A.”, or “Ruthless.” He may, however, employ “Rich & Ruthless.”


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Her Total Assets Have Been Revealed

Wright inherited a sizable portion of her husband’s $35 million fortune as the wife of a well-known record mogul. The company’s net value is estimated to be $8 million.

She has also had success as the CEO of Ruthless Records, signing well-known musicians such as Chris Tucker, Big Chan, THE NX, and Big Rocc.

Wright has a net worth of $10 million, thanks to her husband’s inherited income and money made from the record label.

She’s also worked as a producer on films including Straight Outta Compton (2015), Dark Blue (2002), and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony: Greatest Video Hits (2000).

In a nutshell, despite her partner’s loss, the stunning woman with a height of 5 feet 4 inches skillfully combined her motherhood and professional career.

After Her Husband’s Death, Who is Wright dating?

Following her husband’s death, the bereaved Wright took over his record label and raised their children on her own.

Wright has a powerful and robust persona that anyone would want in their lives. But, in keeping with her vows to her husband, she has not dated anyone else since his death and is focused on carrying on his legacy.

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