Annette Evertson

After His Split With Ex-Wife, Shawn Bradley Is Very Busy With His Five Teenage Children!

Despite what appeared to be a stable partnership, NBA player Shawn Bradley and his wife, Annette Evertson, divorced after six children. Now, the pro-baller is parenting his two sons as well as the three children of his second wife.

History With Annette Evertson

Annette Evertson, the pro-first baller’s wife, appeared to be madly in love with him. On more than one occasion, he credited her with keeping his spirits up through his difficult periods. During his games, she used to wait outside the passageways, according to him.

I can’t imagine how different things would be if she wasn’t there. Things would be… abysmal “Bradley, 21, expressed his thoughts. “‘Annette, I doubt I could handle this without you,’ I informed her.

Evertson was first seen by the NBA player at the Philadelphia Mormon Church, where she spoke about her mission experience in South Florida. According to reports, Bradley was in the audience and fell in love with Evertson at first sight.

He married her after only two months of dating because he believed she was the one for him. They went on to have four daughters and two sons.

Shawn Bradley talks about his volunteer work in India with his first wife Annette. The former couple’s relationship, which appeared to be healthy and supportive, abruptly swerved. The precise reason for their split is unknown.

Nonetheless, after his first marriage ended in divorce, the NBA player married his now-wife, Carrie Cannon, and has a new family.

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Bradley and his second wife, Cannon, are raising their adolescent children

Bradley started his new family in St George, Utah, after marrying Carrie Cannon in January 2018. The basketball player’s wife is frequently spotted on social media posting images of her new brood.

The NBA star revealed how busy he was raising his children in a video with TMZ Sports.

I’ve never been so busy in my life…. I’ve never been so busy since I retired, brother. I now have five teenagers at home, as well as a new family and a new home. It’s insane.

Even after he retired, he said, his five teenagers kept him as active as ever. Moving in with the new family and finding a new home presented further difficulties. He incorporated his two adolescent sons into Cannon’s family, which already included her three children.

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