After Getting Cheated On By Ex Girlfriend, Penguinz0 Is Now In A Loving Relationship!

It’s never easy to move on from a broken relationship, especially when one discovers their partner is cheating on them.

The same thing happened to Charlie White Jr., also known as Penguinz0 on YouTube and Moist Cr1tikal on Twitch.

His lover had betrayed him twice before. Penguinz0, on the other hand, discovered a spouse deserving of his love after being at “rock bottom” for nearly a year.

Tiana Tracy Is Penguinz0’s Girlfriend

On November 12, 2016, Penguinz0 and his girlfriend, Tiana Tracy began their love connection. Both of them were studying at the time, so they were initially in a long-distance relationship. They did, however, end up living together in Tampa, Florida, when they graduated from university.

The couple has been savoring every moment they spend together since then, as evidenced by their Instagram usernames. Tracy in particular will benefit from this.
On Christmas Day 2021, Penguinz0, nicknamed Moist Cr1tikal, with his girlfriend Tiana Tracy.

For example, on November 12, 2019, she shared a photo of herself and her boyfriend, congratulating him on their third wedding anniversary. She said in the caption that they grew, learned, and lived together during their three years together.

She was also grateful for the time she spent with the Twitch streamer, who made her the happiest girl on the planet. She ended her sweet caption by saying how much she adored Penguinz0 and how excited she was to see where life would take them.

I’m the happiest girl on the planet when I’m with you. I adore you more than I could have dreamed, and I’m excited to see where life leads us. My love bug, I’d want to wish you a happy anniversary. Similarly, the Twitch celebrity posts photos of himself and his fiancĂ©e Tracy with their two dogs, Tetra and Cayda, regularly. On Christmas Day 2021, he did so and gave his supporters a “Merry Christmas.”

Yung Gravy, a well-known rapper, lauded their bond in the comments area, adding, “I’ve never seen a more beautiful family in my life.”

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Penguinz0’s ex-girlfriend abandoned them at the bottom of the ocean

The streamer had been in a relationship with another girl before he met his present spouse. He, on the other hand, ended their relationship after discovering that she was cheating on him.

On September 20, 2015, he posted a YouTube video titled “About Me” following his breakup.

The professional gamer revealed some information about his previous relationship in the video. He revealed that he had broken up with his ex-girlfriend a month earlier while keeping his ex’s specifics a secret.

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A post shared by Charlie (@bigmoistcr1tikal)

He went on to say that they stayed in touch after the breakup and tried to work things out. But, just as he felt she was turning a fresh leaf, he discovered that she was cheating on him with someone else.

Following the double betrayal, the YouTuber decided to move on and left his ex-girlfriend for good. However, he also stated in the video that the situation had worn him down and that he had reached rock bottom.

Nonetheless, he recovered over time, and over a year later, he finally found the reliable partner he was looking for. He is, without a doubt, having a terrific time with Tracy.

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