Carli Bybel with her new boyfriend

After a Long-Term Relationship Ends? Whom Carli Bybel Is Dating

Carli Bybel, an American YouTube celebrity, had realized who she loved at an early age, and it wasn’t just her love of beauty, but also the guy she wanted to date.

Although she found love at a young age, did their relationship survive forever?

The New Jersey native is a YouTube celebrity, cosmetic artist, and fitness coach best recognized for her work as a beauty and lifestyle vlogger on YouTube. CarliBel55, which has over 6 million subscribers, and InnerBeautyBybel are her two YouTube channels.

The beauty guru also has a thriving blog called TheBeautyBybel and has starred in the reality TV show Project Runway All Stars as herself.

She is a global ambassador for the WAH Foundation, an NGO that stands for ‘Water And Healthcare,’ and aims to improve the lives of women and children in rural Cambodia.

Carli Bybel Biography Carli Bybel Has Been interested in Makeup Since She was a Child

Carli Bybel was born in New Jersey on October 17, 1990, and celebrates her birthday on October 17. She grew up with her parents and her older sister, Amanda Bybel, to whom she is extremely close. Her sister and dad appear frequently in her YouTube videos.

Bybel doesn’t shy away from mentioning her family in her videos, from phone chats with her mother and sister to references to her grandpa.

Bybel, who stands 5’2 inches tall, has been fascinated by makeup since she was a child. She even began her own makeup business in junior high, charging $25 for full-face makeup to her clientele, who were usually high school cheerleaders.

Her first job before becoming a major makeup artist and influencer was at Starbucks, where she used to work alongside her sister. She later followed her love for beauty and worked at a local photographic studio as a makeup and hair artist.

Her work was so outstanding that a buddy suggested she start a YouTube channel, which she did, and we’re pleased she did. She published her debut video, Curl your hair with a straightener – Tutorial, in 2011 and has since posted other films for her 6.1 million members. Her videos have received over 500 million views.

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Carli Bybel’s Net Worth Has Been Revealed

Bybel has established a thriving career as a cosmetic artist, social media influencer, and YouTuber, and she earns far more than she ever imagined when she decided to pursue her passion. She is represented by Creative Artists Agency (CAA) in all areas, including endorsements, internet collaborations, and television appearances, and she commands a six-figure fee for any event she attends.

WHO is Carli Bybel's boyfriend Anthony Tango
WHO is Carli Bybel’s boyfriend Anthony Tango (source: Pinterest)

Furthermore, she has 4.9 million Instagram followers and 6.1 million YouTube subscribers, which have helped her to boost her digital revenues and raise her net worth.

She earns between $11.2K and $180K per year exclusively from her YouTube account.

All of this has resulted in the star’s net worth of ten million dollars.

Carli Bybel met her Boyfriend when She was in Kindergarten

Carli, in addition to makeup, is a fitness enthusiast who routinely posts about her workout routines. Her partner Brett Caproni, who is also a YouTuber who makes fitness videos, has had a big influence on her training plan and habits.

The two lovers’ story goes back more than a decade.

They met in kindergarten when Bybel was in kindergarten, and third grade when Caprioni was in third grade. But it wasn’t until high school that they began dating.

After sharing a kindergarten love for a short time, they decided to give their adult romance another shot in 2013 and began dating again. The two couples were totally over heels in love, and Caprioni even professed his feelings for Bybel in a video:

“Every day, she amazes me. You know when you know.”

Who else has such a wonderful love story? It appears like the cosmos conspired to bring the two lovers together!

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Carli Bybel’s 2017 Breakup with Long-Time Boyfriend

Their lovely little love tale, like all good things, had to come to an end as the years passed. Their love faltered as the high school sweethearts grew older and became more focused on their various occupations.

Despite posts on social media showing their happier side, their love relationship was not going well. And, tragically, after several years of dating, the couple decided to call it quits in 2017.


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On November 30, 2017, she disclosed in her YouTube video LIFE UPDATE Q&A that she and her boyfriend were no longer together. She shed further light on their split by saying:

“People change and people grow apart… Sometimes there comes a time when you have to focus on your own happiness first!”

She also stated in the video that the split was mutual and that the two lovers remained excellent friends who deeply respected each other. Carli appears to have found love again after her breakup.

Carli, Have you Found a new Boyfriend?

Carli, who had lamented how people changed with age, did not wait long to move on from her college sweetheart. She moved quickly to locate a new love interest in her life.

She unveiled her new partner through her vlogs while on vacation in Morocco. She was seen on the vlog sharing an intimate moment with her lover in the pool.

Aside from that, she noted in the video’s description that her stay in Morocco with her partner was one of the best occasions of her life. Despite her refusal to reveal the identity of her new partner, he is said to be an Instagram model with the handle Ghabibadr.

Her current partner also has an uncanny similarity to her previous boyfriend.

Aside from being tall and having sculpted jawlines, both of her males have a scruffy beard.

It appears that the YouTuber is having difficulty letting go of old memories!

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