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Actor John Savage’s Real Life Partner Blanca Blanco Will Be Co-Starring With Him In ‘Eye for Eye’!

The Godfather Part III, Twin Peaks, and Deer Hunter actor John Savage recently starred in the new movie Eye for Eye. Savage’s companion, Blanca Blanco, also appeared in the L.J. Martin-directed movie, which was released on February 22, 2022.

Eye for Eye, a novella movie that is set in the 1800s and deals with themes of vengeance, love, and upholding the law, was adapted from a novella. The actor and his co-star had a conversation about their newest movie with Amy Johnson of CBS News.

Working Together: John Savage and His Partner

The off-screen couples had previously collaborated on movies before. They have appeared in films including The Dog of Christmas and Harnessing the Rain.

When questioned about her experience working on this new project, Blanco said it was enjoyable and that she and Savage got along well. They may keep their personal lives separate, she added. The Deer Hunter star added that they discovered a lot about one another.

We’ve done a lot of work together in the past, so having that distance makes working together almost fantastic. Although I have worked with many gorgeous women, Savage remarked that his bond with her was better.

The actor continued by delving further into the protagonist of his film. He disclosed that his persona was the antagonist and one of Montana’s most powerful men, who believes he has the ability to dominate everything and everyone.

Savage observed that viewers could find it entertaining to watch the righteous occupy a position of strength and authority in the end.

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Relationship between Blanca Blanco and John Savage

Savage and his lover have reportedly been dating for 14 years. They have attended numerous occasions together, including the closing ceremony of the 2018 Moscow International Film Festival and the red carpet premiere of the documentary Kiss The Ground in 2020.

They are relatively secretive, thus there isn’t much information available about them. There are few hints about their married lives to be found after a quick scan through Blanco’s Instagram feed featuring her artwork.

Savage has two previous marriages, the first to Susan Youngs, which lasted from 1967 to 1969.

Jennifer Youngs, a girl, and Lachlan Youngs, a son, are the children of the former spouse. Savage had changed his last name from Youngs to Savage, which is why his wife and kids also have the same last name. There are no specifics regarding how they met or what caused their divorce, although Savage later remarried.

He wed Sandi Schultz in 1993, but neither the date of their divorce nor whether it had anything to do with his current partner are known.

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