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Actor DL Hughley Loves Getting Tattoos So Much That For Him, Sitting On The Tattoo Chair Is Therapy!

When it comes to de-stressing, most people have a list of things they do. Sitting in a tattoo chair tops the list for actor DL Hughley. This explains why he has so many tattoos of various kinds.

Hughley’s preferred method of therapy


Hughley said on Twitter in May 2019 that his type of treatment is sitting in a tattoo chair.

He appears to have a large number of tattoos. He has an emotional attachment to a few of them. When Charlie Murphy passed away, for example, Hughley and George Lopez got matching tattoos as a final tribute to Murphy. Both Lopez and Hughley received Murphy’s nickname as tattoos on their hands because his nickname was Darkness.

He has a dagger tattoo on his right hand, as well as the alphabet R tattooed on one of his fingers. In addition, he has alphabets tattooed on his left-hand fingers, as evidenced by an Instagram shot.

Although he like tattoos, he does not intend to have them all over his body. Hughley remarked in a YouTube video with Dee Jay that he loves tattoos so much that he has them all over his hands and arms, but he will never get a facial tattoo like Dee Jay.

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The Little-Known Facts About Hughley’s Life

Darryl Lynn Hughley, better known by his stage name DL Hughley, is a stand-up comedian, actor, political pundit, and radio host. But it seemed to be all most people knew about him.

Few people are aware that the 57-year-old actor grew up in Los Angeles and was a member of an infamous African American street gang. He was expelled from High School as a result of the gang’s activities. After one of his relatives, who belonged to a rival gang, was killed by his crew, he eventually left the gang life. This prompted him to try to change his life. As a result, he went back to school to get his GED.

He went on to work for the Los Angeles Times later. However, between 1992 and 1993, he was the first host of the Black Entertainment Television (BET) program Comic View, which launched his career as an actor and comedian.

He appeared on several other shows during this time, including The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, HBO Comedy Half-Hour, and Sister, Sister. Hughley then produced The Hughleys in 1998, in which he portrayed himself. From 1998 through 2002, the show was a hit.

He also made his feature debut with Inspector Gadget in 1999, followed by The Original Kings of Comedy, Inspector Gadget 2, Scary Movie 3, Soul Plane, and Spy School. In addition, he hosted a CNN show called D.L. Hughley Breaks the News from 2008 and 2009. Hughley was also a radio personality in 2009, hosting The D.L. Hughley Morning Show. He also presented The D.L. Hughley Show in 2013.

The actor and his wife, La Donna Hughley, have three children together. Ryan and Tyler are the couple’s two daughters, while Kyle is their son.

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