Adam Rose and His wife

Actor Adam Rose and His wife, Joanna, are in Love with Their new Baby boy, Emmett

Adam Rose, who plays L.A.’s Finest actor, has a wife and kids together. Joanna Rose is his best friend. They have been married since 2018.

The best friends who became husband and wife both love to travel, and they often go to different parts of the world together and take pictures of the things that happen.

Adam and his wife, Joanna, have Children

Adam and Joanna were going to have a boy in June 2021. On March 25, 2021, both took to their Instagram accounts to say that Joanna was pregnant and the couple was having a boy.

There was a blue baby sweater in this picture, and Joanna could be seen touching her belly in it. The power couple used this picture to post on their Instagram feed.

He said in another Instagram post a few days later that he was overwhelmed by the “sweet comments and messages” from his friends and fans, which made him feel very happy about his new job.

He added: “We can’t even express how grateful we are for all the kind words and messages we’ve gotten since we made our little announcement.” He said, “We can’t wait for our little guy to come in June and for you all to meet him.”

And on June 14, 2021, their son, Emmett, came into the world, making his way into the world.

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People Were Married after Seven Years of Being in Love with Each Other

They have been together for almost 10 years, as of August 2021. Even though we don’t know when they first met each other, Joanna said in an Instagram post that the couple first met on July 10, 2011.

A screening of Annie Hall was on their first date there.

After seven years of being together, they decided to get married. It was July 7, 2018. They got married.

Joanna wore a white wedding dress for the wedding, which took place at Lake Lanier in Georgia. Adam wore a grey suit with a white shirt and a red tie to match her.

All of the couple’s friends and family from Los Angeles came to their wedding.

Joanna wrote a post on Instagram about how she got married and what it was like. They were all together on their big day and she said that was a good thing. As a group, we were able to bring a lot of the families’ happiness and love together. It was so out of this world. The only thing I would like is that it would last longer.

There have been almost three years since the couple first met. They haven’t changed a thing!

In the last few months or so, baby Emmett has been making his mark in the world through their social media pages. It is safe to say that parents who love their children are very happy.

Adam Rose and His wife.
Adam Rose and His wife(source: Biography Mask)

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They Both Like to Go on Vacation

The former star of Veronica Mars and his wife both have a strong desire to go somewhere new. It looks like both of their Instagram accounts, especially Joanna’s, are filled with a lot of pictures of the places they’ve been together. T

Their next stop was the beautiful country of Italy. Adam and Joanna took a vacation to Italy before COVID, and they went there before they went.

As her Instagram bio says, Joanna is a big fan of taking pictures. She posted pictures of their trip to Italy, including their visits to Venice, Rome, Manarola, and the Colosseum.


Past, the couple had also been to Ireland in 2017. In the same way, Joanna had put up a lot of pictures from her trip to Italy. They went to Galway, the Cliffs of Moher, Poulnabrone Dolmen, and Bunguaire Castle.

Another place they went to was Hawaii. They went there again in 2017 and spent Christmas there. The trip took them to Maui, where they went to a lot of events on Christmas Eve that were all recorded on her Instagram stories.

Also, Disneyland and Paris are some of the other places they have been to in the past: Instagram is where you can see all of their great trips.

It’s safe to say that the couple’s relationship is strong because they both have a desire to travel. All of the posts show that this is true.

Their adventures are just getting started now that they have a baby.

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