Gary Drayton

A Look Inside The Family Life Of Metal Detector Gary Drayton Including His Daughters!

Gary Drayton, a TV metal detecting specialist, treasure hunter, and author, is married with two beautiful daughters of whom he appears to be quite proud. He appears to have a really wholesome and pleasant family life outside of collecting worldly artifacts in strange countries.

On Instagram, he has a habit of posting images of his daughters. They appear to live an eventful existence, with trips to the beach, underground caves and caverns, and gorgeous destinations like Moscow’s Red Square.

Anya Drayton

Anya Drayton, the younger Drayton sibling, is already the joyful mother of a beautiful 7-month-old baby named Oaklee. On July 15, 2020, Oaklee was born. She uses Instagram to document her relationship with her boyfriend, as well as images of her daughter.

Gary rarely mentions his wife, Jennifer Drayton, despite the fact that he blogs frequently about their girls. On his Instagram, he only has one throwback photo of her.

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The reality star has spent his life doing what he loves, including publishing books about beach and water hunting and teaching private treasure hunting lessons. His Spanish treasure discovery drew a lot of attention, and he even made several TV appearances before joining the cast of The Curse of The Oak Island as the resident metal detecting specialist.

He garnered notoriety for his unconventional thinking and one-of-a-kind metal detecting abilities, which he flaunts at various sites and treasure hunts.

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Katya Drayton

Katya, Drayton’s older daughter, is a skilled ice skater. He happily boasted on Instagram about her ice work, claiming that she strives for gold more than he does. On July 11, 2016, she was named ‘Figure Skater of the Year’ by the Florida Gold Coast Figure Skating Club Banquet.

She intends to continue giving back to the sport she has always loved after competing in a handful of regional tournaments and gaining vital skills she can share with younger skaters.

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