Girl in Red

A Cult Figure For Young Lesbian And Bisexuals, ‘Girl In Red’s Name Was Inspired By Her Unanswered Love!

Since she began releasing “her passionate, guitar-driven songs” on music outlets, Girl in Red has become a cult figure among gentle lesbians and bisexual women all over the world. Her songs include issues like heartbreak, romance, and mental health, and they act as a diary for any adolescent yearning for a break.

What Is The Real Name Of Girl In Red?

Marie Ulven Ringheim is the real name of Girl in Red, who was born on February 16, 1999, in Horten, Norway. Her divorced parents raised her and her two sisters. In an interview with Them magazine in September 2019, the Queer icon characterized her childhood as “boring.” Despite having friends and family, she always felt excluded.

Growing up, I was constantly bored; I had friends, but I never felt like I belonged anywhere. Nothing seemed to make sense to me. That is also one of the reasons why Girl in Red began making music in the first place. She now considers the music she creates to be a part of herself.

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Her stage name is based on a true story about her best friend

Marie Ulven is known by her stage name, Girl in Red, among those who have heard her music. However, many people are unaware of the origins of the term.

During an interview with Complex Magazine in February 2019, the Norwegian indie-pop singer-songwriter revealed the reality behind her stage name.

She recalled a day in 2017 when she was supposed to meet her best buddy at a festival but couldn’t because of the large throng. She saw her in a red sweater after a lot of hustling and texts [saying “Where are you?”].

Ulven promptly referred to her buddy as “girl in red” in front of her and texted the same to her pal.

She had only gotten a little bit closer. She was dressed in a bright red sweater. “Girl in red,” I simply stated. “Girl in red,” I texted. I have confirmation that it happened in 2017, thanks to a screenshot.

She got a red sweater (a red turtleneck) for herself a few months after that incident and shot a photo at school with the caption “girl in red.” And it was at that point that she learned her stage name.

“Holy [Explitive], holy [Explitive], holy [Explitive], holy [Explitive], holy [Explitive “This is the end, man.” – She described her exact reaction at the time.

‘I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend,’ she says to her unrequited love.

Girl in Red was a queer musician who had an unrequited love for her closest friend, whose red sweater inspired her stage name. The 21-year-old artist even devoted a song to her best friend, showing her love for her. Her debut single, ‘I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend,’ was the song in question.

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